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EDC Access for Undergrad Students in the Winter 2024 Term Ended on April 26th

EDC access for undergraduate students enrolled in courses during the 2024 Winter Term has ended. Only students enrolled in Creative School courses that run in the Spring/Summer 2024 Term are eligible to use EDC equipment and facilities.

How to Borrow from the EDC

Since 2011, the EDC has served over 9,500 patrons and has completed over 185,000 checkouts.

All EDC Patrons are expected to conduct themselves in a manor in accordance with  the Toronto Metropolitan University Student Code of Conduct

How to Make a Reservation

These are the basic steps and requirements in order to use EDC supported equipment and facilities. Please click on the hyperlinks for more details on each process.

  1. All patrons (students, zone members, staff and faculty) must be apart of The Creative School
    • For students this means enrolled in courses for the current academic term
  2. Complete the EDC Liability Form (opens in new window)  - this is your Signature on File
  3. Make a Reservation via the EDC Patron Portal (external link, opens in new window) 
    • Ensure you are authorized for the equipment you are trying to reserve - this is usually done automatically based on class enrollment 
  4. Pick up your equipment from the EDC at the reservation start time
    • For facilities, visit the Keytracer cabinet
  5. Check your equipment to ensure it works and you have everything on your checkout before leaving the EDC vicinity
  6. Return your equipment to the EDC (or keys to Keytracer) on or before your scheduled return time
    • Returning after the scheduled return time will result in a fine and hold on the patrons account

Are you eligible to use the EDC?

In order to use the EDC equipment and facilities, students must:

  1. Be enrolled in a Creative School program or course
  2. Use equipment and facilities must be for academic purposes only
  3. Be authorized to use EDC resources for the current term (determined by course enrollment)
  4. Have a valid Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson) OneCard (opens in new window) 

If you meet all of the requirements and have completed the EDC Liability Form, then you can access the EDC Patron Portal. Refer to the Patron Portal help guide for more information.

After Hours Facilities Requests

While it is preferred that all students use the Patron Portal to make reservations, after hours facilities reservations are not possible through the Patron Portal at this time. Please visit the After Hours Facilites Request Form to submit a request for review.

EDC Usage Policies

Completion of the EDC Liability Form acts as your Signature on File in the Patron Portal.

If you are experiencing issues with the Patron Portal for not having a Signature on File, you much complete the EDC Liability Form.

Please allow up to two EDC operational days for your EDC Liability Form to be processed. Forms will not be processed on weekends or holidays.

Any student or zone member currently enrolled in courses within The Creative School during the current term who have a OneCard and are in good standing with the EDC (i.e. no fines or holds) can use the resources (equipment and facilities) the EDC supports.

While the EDC supports all the schools and students within The Creative School, some resources require specific authorizations.

Authorizations can be based either upon the home school of the student, classes in which they are enrolled, or a combination of both. All EDC resources are only to be used to fulfill the curricular requirements of the courses students are currently enrolled in.

If you believe you should have the necessary authorizations for specific recourses but do not in Webcheckout, you must email your home school department or your instructor and copy the EDC ( (opens in new window) ). EDC Full Time staff will verify the authorization with your home school or instructor, after which you will be cleared to make reservations for the specific resources.

Equipment and facilities usage is limited to students who are enrolled in a course within The Creative School for the current academic term.

Students who are not enrolled in Creative School courses (i.e. Undergrad students during the Summer, students from different faculties, Alumni who have graduated, departments outside of The Creative School) are not permitted to use equipment for facilities.

Definitions and Terms

The EDC uses Webcheckout for our operations. Allocations are how Webcheckout refers to every reservation and checkout in our system.

All equipment and facilities managed by the EDC are called Resources, and they are what are listed on Allocations. Allocations are made under a Patron's name and are identified by a 6 digit CK number (CK-######).

Allocations have 4 possible states: Reservation, Checkout, Completed Checkout, and Canceled Reservation.


  • Initial state of most Allocations, they have a pick-up time set in the future
  • Reservation become either a Checkout when they are picked up or a Cancelled Reservation if they are cancelled before being picked up
  • Patrons have Reservations when they've booked equipment in advance but have not picked it up yet


  • Allocations that have been picked up but have not been returned (i.e. still in use by the Patron)
  • Checkouts can only become Returned Checkouts once all resources are returned in the system

Completed Checkout

  • Allocations that had been a Checkout
  • All items listed in the allocation have been returned in the system
  • This closed the Allocation

Cancelled Reservation

  • Reservations which have been cancelled prior to being picked up
  • Reservations will be automatically cancelled 30 minutes after the scheduled pick-up time

All allocations begin as either a Reservation or a Checkout, and end as a Returned Checkout or Cancelled Reservation.

Patrons are the students, staff, and faculty who borrow equipment and use facilities from the EDC. Allocations can only be created under one patron's name. Other patrons can be added to allocations as accompanying patrons.

Accompanying patrons are patrons who share all the responsibility of the allocation. Accompanying patrons can only be added to an allocation in person and only by the patron of which the allocation is under.

Resources refer to all the equipment and facilities the EDC manages. Every item in the EDC inventory is considered a resource.

Resource types are groups of resources with similar attributes. Resources within the same resource type can be interchanged with one another. Some examples would be a T5i Body 06 is a resource within the resource type Canon T5i Bodies and 3rd Floor - Production Suite 01 - RCC346C is a resource within the resource type Production Suite - 3rd Floor.