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EDC Access for Undergrad Students in the Winter 2024 Term Ended on April 26th

EDC access for undergraduate students enrolled in courses during the 2024 Winter Term has ended. Only students enrolled in Creative School courses that run in the Spring/Summer 2024 Term are eligible to use EDC equipment and facilities.


The EDC circulated 93,892 resources in the 2019/20 academic year.

The EDC manages and maintains a large variety of video, audio, and other various production equipment for The Creative School. Students can use these resources for the completion of their academic coursework.

The EDC does not provide training on any of these resources. It is the understanding that students will have been trained on the proper usage of the equipment in their classes prior to borrowing them from the EDC.

EDC staff can assist with troubleshooting issues, but not provide training.

SD Cards & Disposable Batteries Not Provided

Some equipment requires SD cards and/or disposable batteries (AA, AAA or 9V battery types). The EDC does not supply any SD cards or disposable batteries, students and other patrons must supply their own.