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EDC Access for Undergrad Students in the Winter 2024 Term Ended on April 26th

EDC access for undergraduate students enrolled in courses during the 2024 Winter Term has ended. Only students enrolled in Creative School courses that run in the Spring/Summer 2024 Term are eligible to use EDC equipment and facilities.

About the EDC

Pre-pandemic, the EDC served 2,200+ students, staff and faculty from The Creative School per year.

Toronto Metropolitan University Student Code of Conduct

All EDC Patrons are expected to conduct themselves in a manor in accordance with  the Toronto Metropolitan University Student Code of Conduct

The Equipment Distribution Centre (EDC) is the main access point for equipment and facilities usage within The Creative School*

The EDC is responsible for the distribution and management of the equipment and facilities for the curricular needs of The Creative School. We maintain audio equipment (microphones, recorders, mixers, monitors, etc), visual equipment (video cameras, DSLR cameras, monitors, lights, etc), computing equipment (computers, iPads, iPods, etc.), as well as other various technologies and facilities required for the completion of academic projects and activities.

*IMA Students must use the IMA Equipment Resource Centre (formerly The Cage)

The EDC serves all the programs and zones of The Creative School.* Resources are available to all Creative School students, faculty, and staff for academic use only. Training and enrollment in a production course is required for authorization for some equipment and facilities. The EDC does not provide any training of equipment or facilities usage.

*IMA Students must use the IMA Equipment Resource Centre (formerly The Cage)

The EDC provides equipment and facilities for academic use for all Creative School students. Some resources are limited to specific programs and course enrollment.

Non-academic use of the equipment and facilities it not allowed. This includes student groups and any entity outside of The Creative School, even if the entity employs or has Creative School students on staff or working for them.

Refer to the Borrowing Process page for more information.

Patrons are the students, staff, and faculty who borrow equipment and use facilities from the EDC. Allocations can only be created under one patron's name. Other patrons can be added to allocations as accompanying patrons.

Accompanying patrons are patrons who share all the responsibility of the allocation. Accompanying patrons can only be added to an allocation in person and only by the patron of which the allocation is under.