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Group of students collaborating with each other for a group assignment.

Program of Study

 Transfer credits are not available to students applying to or enrolled in the MHA(CC) Program.

Tuition and Fees

Technology Support

Student Support

Student Organizations

MHA(CC) Alumni Association

All MHA(CC) students are invited to participate in the Master of Health Administration (Community Care) Alumni Association (MHAAA).

Toronto Met Students’ Union (TMSU)

Our mission is to empower students and build community on Toronto Metropolitan University's campus by advocating for your rights, supporting student groups, events and initiatives, and providing discounted services to save you money! Learn more at (external link, opens in new window) .


For full list of Graduate Studies forms, see YSGPS - Graduate Form Downloads.

For full list of university-wide documents, see Form Downloads. You can also visit the Procedures paga for information about how to enrol in a course, change your program or status, and more.

Career Services

TRSM Graduate Careers Services

Book an appointment to discuss your career, talk about an application or prepare for an interview. Contact