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Our first-year students receive TedPoints for engagement beyond the classroom, with one TedPoint earned for each hour of engagement across our school.

Why? Because we know that you can maximize your first-year university experience as you access supports beyond the classroom while learning, building your network and a stronger sense of community with other students and the school. Whether it’s a one-on-one chat with a Career Consultant, Learning Strategist or Student Advisor, taking part in a TRSS student group-run event, attending tutoring sessions, Bootcamps or attending any TRSM events students are rewarded with TedPoints.

In your weekly FFB emails that you receive Tuesday mornings at 10 a.m., you can keep track of your TedPoints in the top banner. As you continue to accumulate TedPoints throughout the year you will be invited to TedPoint Rewards also seen in your weekly FFB emails. These emails come from Ted Rogers School Fit For Business <>

TedPoint Rewards are given to students who accumulate TedPoints to provide exclusive opportunities to learn and engage with senior leaders and alumni who share industry insights and knowledge to better prepare you both as a business student and professional. 

Students can check their weekly Ted Rogers School Fit for Business emails that they receive every Tuesday at 10 a.m. to see if they are a recipient of TedPoint Rewards, and how many TedPoints they’ve collected so far. We reward students with both group rewards and there are also individual rewards given.

  TedPack group rewards:

  • Exclusive chats and events with senior leaders, alumni, and professionals to share industry knowledge and insights with the opportunity to learn, ask questions and build your network

  Individual rewards:

  • Access to a sold-out Bootcamp of your choice

TedPoints are a way for you as a student to track your own engagement but also to showcase that engagement since each TedPoint is equal to 1 hour of engagement. So whether it's in your cover letter, resume, interviews, LinkedIn, or for your co-op application - you can showcase this engagement.  You also have an opportunity to be recognized as a Top 10% Engaged student at the end of your first year. Scroll down to the Top 10% Engaged Student section to learn more.

To stay up-to-date on upcoming updates, events, and opportunities follow us on instagram @tedrogersffb (external link) 

As you engage with our Ted Rogers School departments and the supports they offer, you continue to gain TedPoints. Visit their sites to see the different ways to engage.

Top 10% Engaged Students

At the end of first year, we recognize students who are part of the Top 10% engaged (meaning they have received the most amount of TedPoints amongst their peers in first year) will get the following:

  • A letter of recognition from the Dean of the Ted Rogers School of Management
  • An invitation to the Top 10% Ceremony at the end of the year with industry professionals
  • A LinkedIn badge 

Rewarded attendees  

See below for the experiences of some of our TedPoint Reward session attendees at various events.

Changing Outcomes

Kevin Callahan, Chief Executive Officer, Uniblock

“This was probably one of the best events due to the advice and points he went over, it was very applicable to how I could go about my life!"

- First-Year Business Technology Management student


What to look for in a Company 

Featuring Jordan Gabriel

"Learning how different companies work and how to network - particularly in new situations where I may not know the other people but it would be great to introduce myself (properly), or at least make small talk. Like how the speaker helped a lady at the airport get to her destination and she rewarded him with the best VIP room in the cosmopolitan hotel. He didn't even know she could do that! And the whole thing started with talking about her kid's baseball team and his friend who used to play there too - the common ground."

- First-Year Business Technology Management Student

Navigating Co-op

Featuring Medhat Sedarose, Senior Manager, Co-operative Education

“Medhat Sedarose's personal experiences and motivation. I learned that you don't have to be the most experienced, collaborative, or smartest person in order to join the co-op program at TMU. The most valuable lesson is time management is key to success when entering the co-op program."

- First-Year Business Management Student