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The Black Student Lounge

The Black Student Lounge (BSL) at Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU) is a welcoming place for Black-identifying students (Black students). You can study, relax and connect with the community.

The lounge aims to counter the harms of institutional racism by creating safer spaces for healing and belonging.

It's open to Black students, TMU staff and faculty, fitting about 30 people. Inside, there are seats, tables, a screen, whiteboard, computers, and a kitchenette for students to use.

"My university experience has been elevated since I discovered the BSL and I’m very grateful to the forces and people who have worked to create this space."

Oluwaseyitodun Akinyelure, TMU student


Access the Black Student Lounge

 Location: Kerr Hall West 77A (KHW 77A)

 Hours: Monday to Sunday
7 a.m. to 12 a.m. (excluding holidays) 

Black students, staff and faculty must complete an access request form to use the BSL. Entry to the space is issued on a rolling basis within seven days after the form has been submitted.


Events in the Black Student Lounge

In addition to providing a safe space for the TMU Black community members, the BSL is used to host events. The Tri-Mentoring Program collaborates across teams to deliver regular programming in the BSL.

Additionally, Black networks and committees at TMU as well as Black students and student-led groups may organize their own events, meet-ups and activities in the Black Student Lounge.

 Contact Us

For questions about upcoming events and how to access the space, please email Black Student Support at


About the Black Student Lounge

In 2020, the Office of the Vice President, Equity and Community Inclusion published a report called the  (PDF file) Anti-Black Racism Campus Climate Review. It talked about the experiences of Black students, teachers, and staff at Toronto Metropolitan University. The report showed that there's still a lot of anti-Black racism on campus, and Black students don't feel like they belong at TMU. To help with this, the report had six recommendations from students.

One of these recommendations was to create a special place just for Black students on campus. This space, called the Black Student Lounge, was started in 2019 by the Office of the Vice-President, Equity and Inclusion. It was launched in 2022 by a group called the Presidential Implementation Committee to Confront Anti-Black Racism's Student Working Group. The lounge is a response to recommendation number six from the Climate Review.

The sixth recommendation said that Black students need a place on campus where they can feel safe and like they belong. They also need money for people to help them and for things to do in the lounge.

This initiative is part of the university's bigger plan to fight against anti-Black racism, make everyone feel like they belong, and help Black students succeed in all parts of campus life and beyond. You can find out more about what the university is doing to follow up on the Climate Review at the Presidential Implementation Committee to Confront Anti-Black Racism website.

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