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Services for Parents, Friends, Partners and Allies

A group of women smiling and talking in an outside setting.

If you support a loved one subjected to sexual violence or other forms of gender-based violence, you are not alone. Consent Comes First mandate includes supporting friends, parents and partners of survivors. Please reach out; we are here for you

Below are some resources that can help you understand the impact of violence on survivors and how to support them best. We are happy to connect you with specific resources; please connect. Most of all, be gentle with yourself; this is a process. 

Healing Comes in Waves (opens in new window) , Episode Two.  Supporting a Survivor as a Parent (external link, opens in new window) . In this episode, we explore with advocate Glen Canning how parents can support their children when they disclose, the impacts of intergenerational trauma, check our own internal biases and discuss ways we can attend to our needs as child sexual abuse survivors. 

 (PDF file) A guide for friends and family of survivors of sexual assault (external link)  :  A great resource to better understanding sexual violence, how you can help, possible effects of the assault, self-care tips for you and the survivor, and more.

Dispelling Myths about Sexual Assault  (external link) : A resource that speaks about false ideas that shame and blame survivors of sexual assault for the violence that was committed against them (rather than holding abusers responsible for their actions).

Allies in Healing, By Laura Davis (external link)  (Book) :  Few books exist that are for supporting loved ones who have experienced sexual violence. This book is meant for partners of survivors of childhood sexual assault, but will have important relevant information for anyone who is supporting someone with trauma.

Please see our Education page to find a list of free Canadian courses you can take to learn more about sexual violence, gender-based violence and supporting a loved one.  

 (google doc) Resources for Men Who Have Caused Sexual Harm (external link)  : books, films, courses, articles and videos for men who have caused harm i.e. sexual harassment or sexual assault.