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Ethan wears a dark shirt. He smiles softly, and his voluminous hair is piled a few inches tall upon his head.

Ethan Zuchkan


Ethan Zuchkan (He/Him) is an actor and writer who has a powerful fascination with the human mind and the lengths in which they will go to achieve what they desire most… and the consequences that follow. As someone who is still discovering who he is, Ethan is interested in exploring all kinds of characters with different motivations in order to fathom where he fits in the world. 

In his four years at Toronto Metropolitan University, he has had the absolute pleasure of being taught and directed under the likes of Jennifer Wigmore, Marianne McIsaac, Tim Welham, Diana Reis and Cole Lewis. It has been a challenging journey, but an extremely valuable one. He is indebted to these artists who were generous enough to offer their wisdom and deepen his love for storytelling. 

Ethan finds it difficult to put into words just how grateful he is for both his family and the beautiful friends he has made within his class at Toronto Metropolitan University. Although there is uncertainty in the future, and there is fear of what is to come, having these wonderful people at his side makes him hopeful that there is brightness on the horizon.


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