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Ben looks at the camera pensively. His blue button up reveals a black shirt underneath. His dark beard is trimmed close to his face.

Ben Yoganathan


Ben Yoganathan (he/him) is an actor, writer and director born in Sri Lanka but now based out of Toronto. He is interested in revitalizing live performance culture in our mediated age.

During his time at XU Ben has had the privilege to work with such incredible instructors as Tim Welham, Jennifer Wigmore, Marianne McIsaac, Iqbal Khan, and Leah Cherniak. Additionally, he has played Mercutio in Romeo and Juliet, Pat Wallace in Kat Sandler’s Punch Up, and originated the role of Boris (Trigorin) in Cole Lewis’ new adaptation of Anton Chekhov’s The Seagull.

Outside of XU, Ben is currently workshopping his first full length play Hunger, which is set to premiere this April, in the Terra Firma Festival at The Theatre Centre.

Ben is incredibly grateful to be a part of a community of artists and creators that push him to do better. He is anxiously and eagerly looking forward to whatever lies ahead.


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