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Holly leans back resting their arms on the arms of a chair. They have a short red bob, with a trim fringe. Their pale yellow button up reveals a white top.

Holly Scott-Black


Holly Scott-Black (they/them) is a multidisciplinary artist and actor. Holly is interested in art as a liberatory practice, and holds values of honesty and pleasure in the work that they do. Their work as an actor and artist is also deeply informed by their identities as a Queer, femme, Neurodivergent individual. Holly’s experiences of being marginalized have driven their love of and investment in the stories of others on the margins and the complexities of our existences within our societal frameworks.

During their time training at Toronto Metropolitan University, Holly has had the pleasure of working with a vibrant, endlessly creative ensemble of fellow students, from whom they have learned and will continue to learn so much. They have also been lucky enough to work with a number of established theatre practitioners including Tim Welham, Jennifer Wigmore, Philippa Domville & Leah Cherniak.

Holly is deeply grateful for their time at the X University School of Performance and the lessons learned therein. They are looking forward to diving headfirst into the mystery that is whatever is to come next! 


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