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Olivia smiles with a closed mouth. She wears a jean jacket and her red hair is parted in the middle and falls in front of her shoulders.

Olivia Neary-Hatton


Olivia Neary-Hatton (she/her) is an actor, singer and performer born in Oakville, Ontario. Although her main passion is for acting she has many interests including writing music and sewing. Olivia is eager to share her talents in stories that help us re-examine our realities and offer different perspectives on what we “know” to be true.

Whilst continuing her education at Toronto Metropolitan University, she has had the pleasure of working with many artists that have greatly inspired her, such as, Lisa Cox, Sheldon Rosen, Edie Inksetter, Nicola Correia-Damude, Ivan Sherry, and Tim Welham. Most recently she was invited to play the role of Ophie in Untamed, a new play by Eva Barrie in partnership with Tarragon Theatre, through which she got to work with Adam Lazarus in a Bouffon workshop. Currently, she is working on developing the music for a new play, Morning After by Katarina Fiallos, as part of the New Voices Festival.

Olivia would like to thank her class and faculty at Toronto Metropolitan University for helping her develop as an artist. She is eager to take more risks, fail harder, and maybe be a part of something beautiful. 


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