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Atlin has dark thick hair and looks pensively at the camera. He wears a white long sleeve shirt, and looks over his hsoulder at teh camera.

Atlin Hofer


Atlin Hofer (He/Him) is a mixed race actor and musician from Toronto, Ontario. He is always on the quest to find the “funny” within everything. As an actor, Atlin is excited by the future ahead of him and the people he will meet, laugh and play with.

During his time at The Creative School, Atlin has had the amazing opportunity to train under some of Canada’s best instructors such as Jennifer Wigmore, Marianne McIsaac, Philippa Domville, Cynthia Ashperger, Lisa Cox, Tim Welham, Irene Pauzer and Sheldon Rosen. He also had the pleasure to be a part of Untamed, an original play written by Eva Barrie, where he played the role of Hortensio.

Atlin is excited to be thrust into the world and face the new challenges it takes to become a working actor. He wants to thank everyone who has made his journey so unique and special. He is happy to have met such a spectacular group of artists and is excited to be working with them in the near future. “The hardest thing to do is to be true to yourself, especially when everybody is watching”


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