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Ciaran smiles softly. He has blond hair to his shoulders, and a mustache. He wears a red sweater.

Ciarán Bailey


Ciarán Bailey (He/Him/His) is an emerging artist based in Toronto with worldly ambitions. Born in France, Ciarán spent his early childhood living in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East before putting down roots in Calgary, Alberta in 2004. Seeing the world at such a young age has given him a desire to tell stories from all walks of life, while never comprising truth and authenticity.

In his 4 years at Toronto Metropolitan University, Ciarán has been lucky enough to work with some of Canada’s strongest theatre instructors, such as Tim Welham, Phillipa Domville, Marianne McIsaac, Lisa Karen Cox and Cole Lewis. In his time at the school, he had the fortune of playing Romeo in Romeo and Juliet, as well as Pat Wallace in Punch Up and Solyony in Iqbal Khan’s workshop of Chekov’s Three Sisters.

Ciarán is immensely grateful to be living in a moment in history where he can freely and fearless pursue his passions of performance. Without the sacrifices of his parents, he wouldn’t have had the opportunity of to do so, and the support of his friends and family has helped him grow into the artist and human that he is today. When he's not performing, Ciarán can be found drinking black coffee or craft beer, waxing poetic about philosophy, or asking life’s biggest questions, like: “Why do dogs wear shoes?” 


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