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Indigenous Events and Special Projects

Part of the Eagle Staff, including three feathers and red, yellow, white and black ribbons

Indigenous Events and Special Projects is part of University Events and Ceremonies in the Office of the President, a dynamic team who organizes community events and gatherings for the entire TMU community. This includes: 

  • Msko-mjigoodenh Giizhigad / Red Dress Day
  • Anishinaabe Giizhigad / National Indigenous Peoples Day 
  • Pwaaganigaawin / TMU Pow Wow
  • Ozaawaa Babigoyaan Giizhigad / Orange Shirt Day
  • Indigenous Education Week 
  • Waawiiyaa Niimiwin / Round Dance

The team

Crystal Osawamick

Crystal Osawamick Wiinkaushkwe (Sweetgrass Woman)

Crystal Osawamick Wiinkaushkwe (Sweetgrass Woman) is the E-nankiid Anishinaabe Maawnjidowinan miiniwaa Shki-maajiishkaachiganan (Manager of Indigenous Events and Special Projects) within University Events and Ceremonies in the Office of the President at TMU. She is Anishinaabekwe from the Odawa Nation and is of the Turtle Clan. She has extensive knowledge and experience with event planning and project management, providing an authentic service based on Anishinaabek (Indigenous) beliefs, values and principles. In her role, she aims to achieve successful and meaningful outcomes, while enhancing the holistic well-being of individuals and communities, and overall, collective positivity.

The role of Manager, Indigenous Events and Special Projects was created as part of the university‚Äôs response to recommendations in the  (google doc) 2018 Community Consultation Summary Report (external link)  to plan and manage campus-wide Indigenous-related events that would increase visibility, generate publicity and celebrate Indigenous culture.

Crystal Osawamick also provides support and mentorship to students and staff who support the planning of events, including the 2023 Indigenous Education Week and the student-led Pwaaganigaawin / Pow Wow. Additionally, she is a member of the Indigenous Education Council, and strives to  build, maintain and strengthen connections with various organizations, stakeholders and the community.

To do this important work, Crystal collaborates with colleagues and partners from across including Gdoo-maawnjidimi Mompii Indigenous Student Services, Indigenous Education Council, Indigenous Initiatives, Rebirthed Teachings, Saagajiwe, Yellowhead Institute and more.

Crystal is also supported by other members of the University Events and Ceremonies team including:

  • Kim McDonald, director, university events and strategic initiatives
  • Ryan Kerr, manager, institutional events
  • Jessica Tran, manager, convocation
  • Katherine Kelley, events and communications specialist
  • Jordan Luu, events and administrative coordinator


For any questions, please contact Crystal Osawamick, manager, Indigenous events and special projects, at