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For all TMU community members to explore supports and resources available for integrating Indigenous topics, perspectives and culture into learning and teaching and scholarly, research and creative activities.

Support services

Support services for Indigenous students and staff at TMU.

Current Indigenous students

For current Indigenous TMU students looking for culturally supportive programs and initiatives, visit Gdoo-maawnjidimi Mompii Indigenous Student Services as part of the Indigenous Initiatives unit in the Office of the Vice-President, Equity and Community Inclusion.

Indigenous employees

Resources for Indigenous employees at TMU. Prospective employees can also visit the Indigenous Employment webpage.

Prospective Indigenous students

For prospective Indigenous undergraduate and graduate students, learn more about self-identifying and applying for TMU.

Learning and teaching

Enhance your learning and teaching with these resources which include Indigenous teachings, training, funding and more.

Acknowledging the land

Learn more about the importance of land acknowledgements, how to use them and about TMU’s land acknowledgement.

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Design Standards for Indigenous learning spaces

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Developed by the Indigenous Spaces Sub Working Group (ISSWG), learn how to make learning spaces more supportive of Indigenous learners and Indigenous ways of knowing.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in practice

An interactive self-directed learning resource for students to learn how to navigate real-life scenarios they may encounter in the workplace, with a module specifically on anti-Indigenous racism.

Experiential learning through live actor simulation

Live actor simulation (LAS) is a unique experiential learning tool at TMU available to educators, faculty and staff. Educators can choose from the LAS’ catalogue of simulations or design their own with the help of the LAS team. Among their catalogue is the simulation, titled “Who Am I In This Story,” that addresses anti-Indigenous racism.

Indigenous perspectives in academic integrity

Offered by the University of Calgary's Taylor Institute of Teaching and Learning, this resource explores academic integrity through the lens of Indigenous ways of knowing.

Indigenous teachings

Indigenous teachings provided on this page represent Indigenous ways of knowing and living that can support your well-being and ability to connect with others.

Rebirthed Teachings

Rebirthed Teachings (Kiwenitawi-kiwin Kiskino-hamatewina) offers learning opportunities to TMU students, faculty and staff through workshops, language circles, toolkits, cultural competency training and more. 


SIKOSE is an open-source encyclopedia that offers a virtual learning environment with free access to audio, visual, textual, graphic, performance and experiential learning resources focusing on Indigenous knowledge. Developed by Saagajiwe, The Creative School’s home for participation, action, and research in Indigenous creative practice.


Learn more about smudging, including why it's done and what to expect while on campus.

Funding for Indigenous projects

Funding available for Indigenous curriculum projects and for TMU Indigenous faculty members for scholarly, research and creative (SRC) activities.

Curriculum Development Fund

Led by the Indigenous Education Council, the Curriculum Development Fund is available to faculties and departments across TMU who are interested in developing and embedding Indigenous content within their curriculum.

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Indigenous SRC Distinction Fund

The Indigenous SRC Distinction Fund is offered biennially and provides internal funds in support of TMU Indigenous faculty members’ SRC activities. Learn more on the OVPRI website.

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Supplemental Indigenous SRC Fund

The Supplemental Indigenous SRC Fund offers non-competitive supplemental funding support to Indigenous faculty members’ SRC programs, including for the training of Indigenous undergraduate and/or graduate students at the university. Learn more on the OVPRI website.

Scholarly, research and creative activities 

Resources to support Indigenous scholarly, research and creative activities.

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Guidelines for research involving Indigenous Peoples in Canada

Developed by the TMU Research Ethics Board, this guide provides information on conducting research involving First Nations, Inuit and Métis Peoples in Canada.

Indigenous law and Aboriginal law

This guide is intended to help researchers locate cases, legislation, resources and databases on Indigenous peoples and the law.

Indigenous scholarly, research and creative (SRC) activities

A list of external Indigenous SRC resources from the Office of the Vice-President, Research & Innovation.

Indigenous studies research guides

Browse a variety of resources and guides from TMU Libraries including a student writing guide, support for incorporating the TRC Calls to Action into courses, Indigenous traditional knowledge and research and more.