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SIKOSE - Saagajiwe Indigenous Knowledges Open Source Encyclopedia

Saagajiwe Indigenous Knowledges Open Source Encylopedia

Saagajiwe Indigenous Knowledges Open Source Encyclopedia - SIKOSE

SIKOSE operationalizes the challenge to higher learning institutions made by the Government of Canada in 2008 and 2015. Canada challenged Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU) to assist with the recovery of Indigenous culture, heritage and language as a direct response to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) "Calls to Action".  SIKOSE responds to the challenge. SIKOSE has four primary resource products and outputs to address its objective: 1) to curate, collate, create, and serve Open Source audio, visual, textual, graphic, performance, and experiential learning resources focusing on Indigenous Studies; (2) to provide these resources in a website that is free, accessible, and content-led manner by consulting with and working alongside Indigenous experts, and community educators; (3) to reach students through inventive, high-quality resources which centre the student learning experience, personal and intercommunity growth; and (4) to track and record challenges, user experience, and successes of the project. Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) for all elementary, secondary, and post-secondary classrooms in Canada. SIKOSE leads that recovery.

SIKOSE cultivates inter-community engagement by exploring innovative methods for learning and knowledge acquisition, such as using Web 3.0 in existing Information and Communication Technologies, Content Management Systems, Media Management Systems: learning systems used to stabilize the loss of Indigenous knowledge and the preservation of culture, heritage and language. SIKOSE sees as its mission to provide Canadians with unlimited access to audiovisual, textual, graphic and experiential learning resources in diverse formats. SIKOSE supports a collaborative network of Indigenous Studies stakeholders for Indigenous Knowledges resources needed for use in teaching, learning, and research environments for Indigenous Studies in Canada.

SIKOSE will (1) provide already existing Indigenous Studies Open Source Digital Content as a Virtual Educational Resource (VER) to Canada’s classrooms; (2) respond to Indigenous Studies resource needs requested by Indigenous communities and mainstream communities for use by primary, intermediate, senior, and post-secondary students of Indigenous cultures; (3) becomes as a higher-learning exemplar for teaching, learning, networking, creating, and delivering Open Source products and outputs to serve Canada’s students online; (4) participates in the development of the post-pandemic eLearning Industry. Ultimately, SIKOSE catalogues and inventories learning, teaching, and research resources identified by Indigenous and non-Indigenous stakeholders for use in Canada’s primary, secondary, and postsecondary schools.

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