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Indigenous Teachings

Community members shake hands around a circle

Are you interested in learning more about Indigenous culture? The Indigenous teachings on this page represent Indigenous ways of knowing and living that can support your well-being and ability to connect with others. While many teachings have been offered by Joanne Okimawininew Dallaire, Elder (Ke Shay Hayo) and senior advisor, Indigenous relations and reconciliation, it’s important to remember that each Indigenous nation and community has its own complex and rich histories and unique stories, often passed down through generations.

Why are Indigenous ways of knowing important?

Indigenous ways of knowing have been present on this land for hundreds of years. Yet White settler colonialism and ethnocentrism have attempted to erase Indigenous culture. This was sanctioned by the Indian Act, the Indian Residential School System and other institutional policies designed to subjugate Indigenous Peoples, erase their worldviews and steal their lands. The atrocities experienced by the Indigenous Peoples resulted in intergenerational trauma while those with white privilege benefitted. As such, as settlers on Indigenous land, it is our collective responsibility to engage in the process of learning about Indigenous history, worldviews and teachings as an act of decolonization that is synonymous with equity, diversity and inclusion. Also, engaging with Indigenous teachings is one way to actively participate in truth and reconciliation.

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