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Board Secretariat Contacts

Role of the Secretary of the Board of Governors

  • The Secretary of the Board of Governors is responsible for:
  • providing governance advice and expertise to the Board Chair, the administration and the broader university community
  • Visit the Biography of Julia Shin Doi to learn more about this role.

Role of the Board of Secretariat

The Board Secretariat is responsible for:

  • providing governance advice and expertise to the Board Chair, the administration and the broader university community,
  • assisting the Board and its Committees to conduct themselves in accordance with the Toronto Metropolitan University Act and By-Laws,
  • setting the schedule of Board and Committee meetings for each year,
  • setting agendas for the Board and its committees in conjunction with the Board and Committee Chairs and the senior administration of the University,
  • providing effective and efficient service to Board members including providing materials for all Board and Committee meetings,
  • designing and providing orientation and governance education for new Board members,
  • administering the search process for new Board members,
  • administering elections to the Board for students, alumni, faculty and staff, and
  • administering the Chancellor and Presidential search processes.

Office of the Board of Governors Contact List

Board of Governors Meeting Adela Mall
Governance Committee Adela Mall
Audit Committee Adela Mall
Employee Relations and Pensions Committee Vidya Luckiram
Finance Committee Vidya Luckiram
Negotiations Committee Vidya Luckiram
Elections Procedures Committee Susan Badar
Investment Advisory Committee Vidya Luckiram
Property Committee Vidya Luckiram


DMZV Board of Directors Meeting Josie Lee
DMZV Finance Committee Josie Lee

Cybersecure Catalyst Board of Directors Meeting Jennifer MacInnis
Cybersecure Catalyst Finance Committee Jennifer MacInnis
Cybersecure Catalyst Executive Committee Jennifer MacInnis
Board of Governors Award Julia Shin Doi
Josie Lee
Board Member Orientation Josie Lee
Board Retreat Josie Lee
Convocation Josie Lee
Elections and Referendum Jennifer MacInnis
Policy Management Jennifer MacInnis
Evaluations Josie Lee
Events Josie Lee
Executive Compensation Josie Lee
Governance Essentials Training  Josie Lee
Lieutenant Governor in Council Appointments Josie Lee
Chair and Vice-Chair Elections Josie Lee
Committee Membership Josie Lee
Indigenous Education Program Josie Lee
Student Board Members Program Josie Lee
Board Appointee Appointments Adela Mall
Honorary Board Member Appointments Adela Mall
Board Member Terms Adela Mall
Record Management and Archives Vidya Luckiram
Inquiries and Administrative Support Board Secretariat Team

Board Secretariat Team

Leadership and Oversight Julia Shin Doi
Jennifer MacInnis

To connect with a team member in the General Counsel and Board Secretariat please visit the GCBS Team page.