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Winning Credibility (#906)

This simulation was developed in collaboration with Dr. Patrick Neumann, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Toronto Metropolitan University.

The new VP of Operations at Harbrace Small Engine Plant has recruited two engineers from corporate headquarters to consult with the Plant’s new Design and Operations Communications Team (DOC).

Learning Objectives

  • Describe human factors in the engineering process
  • Advocate for human factors in the design process
  • Identify barriers and provide assistance
  • Listen effectively
  • Manage potential conflicts

Information for Learners

You are the engineers who have been parachuted into Harbrace Small Engine Plant with the mandate to recruit key stakeholders to the DOC through the clear communication of the role that Ergonomics and Human Factors can and will play in the revitalization of Harbrace.  They must be prepared to navigate through company culture, politics, constraints and personalities.

Note: There is a Student Information Handout available to be distributed online or handed-out in order to prepare a class for this simulation.

Simulation Details

Simulator Role(s)

  • Leslie Barnes, HR, Health and Safety
  • Sam Fletcher, Purchasing
  • Chris Jones, Line Supervisor
  • Sydney Morgan, Manager
  • Kieran Wells, Union Representative
  • Mick Jones, Maintenance Manager

Note: Three simulators play two roles each.

Learner Role(s)

  • Consulting Engineers (two at a time)


  • Temporary Offices of DOC

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