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At the EL Hub, community and industry partners can get answers to questions, access resources for planning EL partnership opportunities, connect you with relevant Toronto Metropolitan faculties and programs, and navigate the process of engaging with Toronto Metropolitan's talented students. We are here to foster the development of community-campus partnerships.

Unsure what it is you’re looking for? Connect with us at and we can come up with a game plan together.

Community & Industry Benefits

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Increases the diversity, energy, and enthusiasm within an organization

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Builds meaningful relationships with the University

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Provides a new perspective to the delivery of programs, services and products

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Attracts and builds a new talent pipeline

Business and Higher Education Roundtable (BHER) further explores the return on investment and benefits of experiential learning (external link, opens in new window) .

Connect with Us

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 EL partnerships are invaluable to post-secondary students as they provide the perfect opportunity to learn valuable workplace skills and practices. 

Creating opportunities for students can also be a great recruitment strategy for partners. Community partners who work with Toronto Metropolitan students have the unique opportunity to develop talent and essentially train their future employees. Many of our students have found great success continuing to work with their EL community partner after the conclusion of their partnership experience and after graduation.

There are many ways you can collaborate with faculty, staff and students at Toronto Metropolitan University. Whether through a research project, student placement, internship, mentorship, consultation, a new partnership or otherwise, we are here to work with you.

TMU Connections

Below is some resources and contacts generated by departments at the University to assist in planning, enacting, and evaluating your current or future EL partnerships with Toronto Metropolitan University faculties or programs.

Business Career Hub (opens in new window) 

Contact TRSM’s Business Career Hub to connect with top talent to achieve your recruitment and sourcing needs.

Career & Co-op Centre (opens in new window) 

Connect with Toronto Metropolitan’s talented and diverse students and alumni and learn more about hiring co-op students, posting jobs, their specialized EDI programs, and virtual or in-person career fairs.

TMU International (opens in new window) 

Connect with Toronto Metropolitan International to establish links with TMU as a partnered university, government, or non-governmental organization.

Faculty of Science (opens in new window) 

Connect with the Faculty of Science’s Science Research and Innovation Office to create and collaborate on an industry partnership.

School of Law (opens in new window) 

Reach out to our School of Law if you hope to provide a placement, hire a Toronto Metropolitan Law student, or act as a mentor.

Faculty of Arts (opens in new window) 

Reach out to the Faculty of Arts if you’re interested in supporting students in making significant impacts in their communities and worldwide.

School of Fashion (opens in new window) 

Connect with The Creative School's School of Fashion to connect with students for internship, volunteer experience, part-time or full-time employment opportunities.

Professional Communication (opens in new window) 

Partner with the Creative School's Professional Communication program to connect with and sponsor tech-savvy, innovative ProCom student interns.

Faculty of Engineering & Architectural Science (opens in new window) 

Contact the Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science to partner with a FEAS co-operative internship student.

DMZ (opens in new window) 

As a world-leading incubator for tech startups worldwide, connect with the DMZ to help create impactful programs that address strategic priorities.

Social Venture Zone (opens in new window) 

Reach out to the Social Ventures Zone if you are interested in partnering with them as a coach or funder, or if you would like to submit a venture idea or host a workshop.

Science Discovery Zone (opens in new window) 

There are several ways to partner with the Science Discovery Zone. Act as a mentor, industry partner, or find more information on their partnership opportunities.

Innovation Boost Zone (opens in new window) 

The Innovation Boost Zone team welcomes Toronto Metropolitan and the broader Toronto community’s early-stage/pre-revenue startups and entrepreneurs.

Office of Social Innovation (opens in new window) 

Browse the Office of Social Innovation's three engagement streams to see if there is a space for your partnership to take place and find out more information.

Can’t find what you're looking for? Connect with us via the partnership intake form.

External Tools & Resources

Listed below are resources generated by other organizations and institutions that may assist in your EL opportunities, partnerships and placements.

 (PDF file) WIL Financial Supports Catalogue (opens in new window) 

By Business + Higher Education Roundtable (BHER)

What is Work-Integrated Learning (WIL)? (opens in new window) 

By Co-operative Education & Work-Integrated Learning Canada (CEWIL)

Success Stories