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The Experiential Learning Hub is a primary resource within the Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (opens in new window) . It serves as a hub and acts as a gathering place for ideas, knowledge creation, and vision building. We support and provide resources for those interested in curating experiential-based courses and activities. As the primary support for the EL community at Toronto Metropolitan, we foster a culture of excellence and innovation in teaching, working to enhance student learning and community impact.


The EL Hub’s LAS program was granted funding by Toronto Metropolitan’s Indigenous Education Council (IEC) to develop a new simulation to deepen understanding on current challenges facing Indigenous communities, with the intent of facilitating the learners' knowledge and commitment to reconciliation in practice. The development of a simulation centered on Indigenous content, including anti-Indigenous  racism, allows LAS to expand the breadth of its offerings for our campus community and provide intercultural training grounded in Indigenous values and traditions. While the LAS approach to the development of its simulation catalogue is rooted in principles of equity, diversity, and inclusion, and a pedagogical inclination towards mainstream experiential learning theory, there is a desire to further broaden its offerings and create a simulation that integrates Indigenous stories and traditional ways of transferring knowledge.

For more information, contact Roxanne Wright , Manager, Experiential Learning & LAS, at


EDI in Practice is an online seven-module program for students participating in EL courses to provide an active way to deepen their understanding of equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) before going into real-life situations. The seven modules are interactive, as learners go through a series of simulated experiences and connected exploration of concepts in equity, personal biases, and opportunities to learn best practices in inclusion.

Visit Pressbooks to view the first iteration of the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in Practice book (opens in new window) .

For more information on the EDI in Practice, please contact Sabina Chatterjee, Project Manager, Equity Partnerships and Training, Experiential Learning, at

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In the meantime, check out the Experiential Learning Toolkit (external link)  designed by Niagara College Canada, Georgian and Brock University.

For more information, contact Danielle Moed, Educational Developer, Experiential Learning & Teaching Development at

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