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Overwhelmed Mother (#213)

A caring wife, mother and daughter-in-law, this woman is upset by the possibility of picking up her family and moving to Asia. She needs an objective ear as she goes through all the complications of her family life, wanting to keep her family together at any cost, while maintaining support for her husband’s career. Right now she is feeling overwhelmed.

Learning Objectives

  • Listening skills
  • Developing trust
  • Demonstrating empathy
  • Asking open-ended questions

Information for Learners

Nancy is concerned about the impact of her husband’s possible promotion and transfer to China. Nancy is very supportive of her husband’s career but this may be a huge disruption for all the members of their family. Nancy needs to talk to an objective person who is not involved in these decisions.

Simulation Details

Simulator Role(s)

  • Nancy Clarke (forties), Mother

Learner Role(s)

  • Counsellor
  • Social Worker


  • Community Health Centre Counselling Service

Related Topics

  • Adolescence and Family Relations
  • Employment and Business
  • Marriage and Relationships
  • Health Care
  • Mental Health