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Negotiating in the Arts (#422)

This simulation was developed in collaboration with Laura McLeod from the Ryerson Theatre School.

Through the two scenarios learners, who play the producer, face the challenge of negotiating directly with an artist and a union representative. These critical negotiations must be handled fairly and with integrity or the producer risks losing the show.

Learning Objectives

  • Gain experience negotiating
  • Agenda setting
  • Build rapport
  • Develop trust
  • Identify critical issues
  • Clarify issues
  • Active listening
  • Managing resistance
  • Identify biases
  • Various questioning styles
  • Think on their feet 
  • Maintaining a professional demeanour 
  • Reach an appropriate and fair deal

Information for Learners

A handout provides context for two unique and complex negotiations. The first negotiation is with Set Designer Michael Gillis. The second negotiation are labour negotiations with IATSE Local 822, represented by Cara Robertson, Head of Wardrobe, and Victor Roberts, Hair and Make-up who is also the shop Stewart.

Simulation Details

Simulator Role(s)

  • Michael Gillis, Set Designer
  • Cara Robertson, Head of Wardrobe and Union Representative Negotiator for IATSE Local 822
  • Victor Roberts, Hair and Make-up, Shop Stewart and Supporting Negotiator for IATSE Local 822

Learner Role(s)

  • Producer in charge of negotiating contracts


  • Office

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