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Make Your Mark - Making the Ask Fundraising Scenarios (#420)

Students face the challenge of understanding a couple’s reasons for philanthropy and then positioning Ryerson as the organization which the couple should donate too.

Learning Objectives

  • Welcoming 
  • Agenda setting
  • Building rapport 
  • Developing trust
  • Active listening
  • Various questioning styles
  • Handling resistance
  • Presenting
  • Asking for the gift

Information for Learners

You have been tasked with acquiring a new source of philanthropic revenue for the university. Through your research you learned the Louise and Edward Johnson Family Foundation aim to change their donation patterns. Rather than small contributions which benefit in the short term or act as a one time gift of support they want to contribute a substantial amount to the organization or institution which meets both of their individual philanthropic ideals. Through a series of three meetings you must discover their goals/ideas/reasons for philanthropic contribution. With this information you must position Ryerson appropriately and ask Louise and Edward for their donation with the aim to secure them as long term ongoing donors.

Simulation Details

Simulator Role(s)

  • Louise Johnson
  • Edward Johnson

Learner Role(s)

  • Team lead for the Ryerson Fundraising Campaign


  • A Ryerson Board Room

Related Topics

  • Employment and Business
  • Placement Preparation and Professional Development 
  • Research Support