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High Level Promotion - Family Dynamics (#403)

This couple brings a complex situation into the interview room. It is company policy that the employee and spouse are both interviewed prior to overseas moves, since it is considered that family support is important to these promotions.

Learning Objectives

  • Ensuring opposing views are heard and respected 
  • Mediating between parties 
  • Encouraging dialogue 
  • Gaining buy-in 
  • Managing conflict 
  • Negotiating agreements

Information for Learners

John’s company (Apex Inc.) is considering offering him a promotion that would send him to Asia for a minimum of three years. It is the company’s policy to interview the employee and spouse before making a decision. The decision to promote John hinges upon this move being “successful” which means, it needs to work for the family.

Simulation Details

Simulator Role(s)

  • Nancy Clarke (forty-one) 
  • John Clarke (forty-four)

Learner Role(s)

  • Human Resources Director 
  • Manager 
  • Counsellor


  • Offices of Apex Inc. 
  • Counselling office

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