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Family Dealing with Terminal Illness (#206)

This family is struggling to face the impending death of Margaret, wife and mother. She gets her strength from her faith, but needs someone she can talk to about her fears for herself and her family.

Learning Objectives

  • Encouraging dialogue 
  • Acknowledging feelings 
  • Respecting differing perspectives 
  • Maintaining professionalism 

Information for Learners

Margaret has been in the hospital for five days after suffering a grand mal seizure. She has cancer and has six months to live. She wants to go home to die.

Simulation Details

Simulator Role(s)

  • Margaret Eaton (forty-six), terminally ill
  • Al Eaton (forty-seven), Margaret's husband
  • Rebecca (fifteen), Margaret's daughter

Note: This simulation is adaptable to the use of one simulator (Margaret Eaton) and some or all of the family members.

Learner Role(s)

  • Social Worker
  • Nurse


  • Hospital

Related Topics

  • Adolescence and Family Relations 
  • Marriage and Relationships 
  • Aging and Personal Well Being 
  • Health Care
  • Mental Health