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Creative Conversation in the Arts (#414)

This simulation was developed in collaboration with Caroline O’Brien from Toronto Metropolitan University's Theatre School.

In a series of short scenarios, learners engage with various members of a theatre company.

Learning Objectives

  • Active listening practice for the costume designer and wardrobe staff 
  • Establishing, negotiating and maintaining critical relationships 
  • Maintaining a professional attitude and demeanour 
  • Listening to concerns 
  • Adjusting approach when needed

Information for Learners

You are a new Wardrobe Staff member in a small, well-regarded professional theatre company. The current season of productions was determined over two years ago. The director for A Midsummer Night’s Dream was chosen eighteen months ago. In that time, due to reductions in federal arts grants and the impact of an economic downturn, original budgets were cut across the board. The Production Manager stepped in to temporarily supervise wardrobe because the wardrobe supervisor and original production costume designer took a leave of absence due to ill health. Two other experienced staff members  – a stitcher and a cutter - were lured away by a prestigious festival. Though you consider yourself a costume designer, you have never been responsible for a complete show. You are now the designer as well as the cutter/draper, you will be responsible for the fittings.

Simulation Details

Simulator Role(s)

  • Miriam Protheroe, Director
  • Kyle Neumann, Production Manager
  • Caitlin Hodge, Actor
  • James Dolman, Actor

Learner Role(s)

  • Costume Designer


  • Rooms in the wardrobe department

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