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Advocating for Inclusive Hiring Practices in the Workplace (#413)

This simulation was developed in collaboration with Gordon Pon, School of Social Work, Toronto Metropolitan University.

Staff members at a mental health centre have become concerned about hiring practices and policies. A counsellor raises the issue of representative hiring for front-line workers and administrative staff.

Learning Objectives

  • Maintaining a professional attitude and demeanour 
  • Listening to concerns 
  • Adjusting approach when needed 
  • Providing a clear, achievable and supported request 

Information for Learners

You are a counsellor in the Child and Family Mental Health Centre and you identified a need to revisit the centre’s hiring policies. Nancy Smith, the temporary receptionist, is capable; but, as a white English speaking woman, she does not reflect the community served by the centre. During today’s staff meeting at the Child and Mental Health Centre, you feel it is important to raise the hiring policy issue as a decision must be made soon about either hiring Nancy full-time or convening a hiring committee to consider other candidates.

Simulation Details

Simulator Role(s)

  • Chris Murray, Supervisor/Manager

Learner Role(s)

  • Counsellor


  • A boardroom

Related Topics

  • Employment and Business