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Skills for the Post-Pandemic World

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The COVID-19 pandemic has pulled the future of work into the present: digitization, work from home, and many other long-predicted developments are here now, and likely to stay.

The Skills for the Post-Pandemic World project tackles key questions facing policymakers, employers, training providers and workers. It is urgent that society turn to face the fundamental changes in the labour market precipitated by the COVID-19 pandemic, and many players must rise to meet the new conditions of a post-pandemic world.

Building on the collaborative success of the Skills Next (opens in new window)  series, the Public Policy Forum (external link)  (PPF) and the Diversity Institute (opens in new window)  (DI)—funded by the Future Skills Centre (external link)  (FSC) with new support from Microsoft—are coming together again to face these rapid societal shifts head-on. The project looks at the future of skills, training and retraining in ways that will chart a path forward as the pandemic continues to unfold.


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Digitization is changing the world of work. Not only are the skills needed to thrive in the labour force changing, the ways we access and learn those skills are also shifting.  

We hosted experts in the skills and employment ecosystem, alongside the Public Policy Forum (external link)  and the Future Skills Centre (external link) , to discuss the implications of digital transformation on skills.

March 24, 2021

What skills, training and retraining opportunities face Canadians in a post-pandemic world? How can the skills development ecosystem contribute to a more resilient, inclusive and innovative future?

The launch of the Skills for the Post-Pandemic World project brought together leaders in the skills and employment ecosystem to share their insights and preview emerging research.

December 21, 2020

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