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2023 Cukier, W., Wilson, B., Fradley, D., & Smajda, A Forthcoming Study Buddy project: An online individualized tutoring program during COVID-19 pandemic for racialized, indigenous and immigrant students Information Age Publishing
2023 Gagnon, S., Cukier, W., & Elmi, M Forthcoming Leadership representation: A critical path to equity (external link)  The SAGE Handbook of Leadership
2023 Cukier, W., Gagnon, S., & Elmi, M Forthcoming Effective uses of textual analysis in Canadian public policy research.  SAGE research methods cases: Business & management, SAGE
2022 Cukier, W., Cahvoushi, Z., & Mo, G. Y. Forthcoming A critical ecological approach of social innovation to advance diversity and inclusion Encyclopedia of Social Innovation
2022 Cukier, W., Mo, G. Y., & Francis-Walker, J. Published Women’s entrepreneurship in the inclusive innovation ecosystem in Canada (external link)  Gender, Diversity and Innovation: Concepts, Policies and Practice
2022 Cukier, W., Saunders, V., Stewart, S., & Wright, E Published Social entrepreneurship and addressing SDGs through women’s empowerment: A case study of She-EO (external link)  Encyclopedia of Business Sustainability, Ethics and Entrepreneurship (Vol. 2)
2022 Wijesingha, R., Itano-Boase, M., Parameswaran, H., Cukier, W., & Stewart, S. Published Digital skills training and skills utilization among immigrants in Canada: A gendered divide The Migration Initiative
2022 Cukier, W., Gagnon, S., Dalziel, M., Grant, K., Laplume, A., Ozkazanc-Pan, B., & Saba, T. Published Women entrepreneurship: Towards an inclusive innovation ecosystem (external link)  Journal of Small Business & Entrepreneurship
2022 Wall-Andrews, C., Wijesingha, R., Cukier, W., & Lightwala, O. Published The state of diversity among leadership roles within Canada's largest arts and cultural institutions (external link)  Equality, Diversity and Inclusion