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2021 Chavoushi, Z.H., Mo, G.M., & Cukier, W. Published Social Finance for Women’s Entrepreneurship in Canada Innovations in Social Finance: Transitioning Beyond Economic Value
2021 Gagnon, S., Augustin, T., & Cukier, W. Published EXPRESS: Interplay for change in equality, diversity and inclusion studies Human Relations
2020 Cukier, W., Latif, R., & Hannan, C. Published Media discourses of women in politics in Canada 2011-2017: The ecstasy and the agony Advancing women in leadership: Shaping pathways in the political arena
2020 Cukier, W., Itano-Boase, M., & Atputharajah, A. Published Supporting Immigrant and Newcomer Entrepreneurs in Canada during the COVID-19 Pandemic Canadian Diversity
2020 Grandy, G., Cukier, W., & Gagnon, S.
(In)visibility in the margines: COVID-19, women entrepreneurs and the need for inclusive recovery Gender in Management: An International Journal
2020 Cukier, W., Gagnon, S., & Latif, R, Published Changing the narrative: Shaping legislation to advance diversity on boards in Canada. Bill C-25 Diversity and Inclusion: An International Journal