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Dr. Paul Poh

Paul Poh
BSc, MBA, PhD, PEng
416-979-5000 ext. 556500

Areas of Specialization

Construction project management education

Construction planning and scheduling


Year University Degree
1993 University of Dundee MBA
1985 University of Edinburgh PhD
1981 University of Edinburgh BSc (Hons)

Selected Courses

Course Code Course Title
PMT 720, PMT 820 Project Management Studio I and II
PMT 721 Economics for Project Management
PMT 821 Construction Practices and Management


In today’s globalized world, design and construction companies often outsource work in order to lower costs. This practice has changed the industry, and, says Paul S H Poh, education must follow suit. “As teachers, we have a responsibility to show students how to work collaboratively with peers across geographical and time divides.”

Poh is the perfect person to impart this knowledge. His industry career in construction project management has taken him to countries around the world, including the UK, Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand. It is invaluable experience, and he brings it all into his classroom.

Poh co-designed his fourth-year construction project management studio in collaboration with Coventry University in the UK. Working as a multi-disciplinary team, Toronto Met and Coventry students collaborate on and respond to a request for proposal for a building project. “Beyond technical content, students get to learn the practices of another country, and the importance of teamwork and communication skills.”

Paul Poh

“The construction industry is globalized; we’re training our students to be, too.”

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  • Provisional Patent: Sistem 2000 Wall Forming System, 2005
  • PEng, Professional Engineer Ontario, 2000
  • PEng, Professional Engineer Singapore, 1995
  • EUR ING, European Engineer, European Federation of National Engineering Associations, 1990
  • CEng, Chartered Engineer, Engineering Council, United Kingdom, 1988
  • MCSCE, Member, Canadian Society for Civil Engineering, 1999
  • MIES, Member, Institution of Engineers Singapore, 1989
  • MICE, Member, Institution of Civil Engineers, United Kingdom, 1988
  • Editorial Advisory Board Member, The International Journal of Construction Project Management
  • Chair, 1st International Conference, World of Construction Project Management, 2004.