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Pitching your Initiative

SIF Winter 2024 Dates:

The SIF Application Portal is open for Winter 2024 applications from October 26, 2023 - January 24, 2024 at 11:59PM

Winter 2024 Pitch Weekend will happen February 9-11, 2024.

  Preparing for your Pitch Presentation

A Pitch is an opportunity to introduce your initiative and explain why you think it is of merit and contribution to the Toronto Metropolitan community. The main question is, why should SIF fund this initiative?

The SIF committee will invite as many initiatives as possible to pitch during the Pitch Weekend. Each initiative is booked for a 15 minute time slot, which consists of 5 minutes to make your pitch and 10 minutes for the committee to ask follow-up questions.

Use your time effectively by making your presentation clear, concise, and focused on addressing the main question: What is the most important thing the committee needs to know about my initiative, in order to give me the money I’m asking for?

Tips on presenting a successful pitch:

  1. Write a clear and detailed application to reduce the time you spend describing your project during your pitch. The SIF Committee will have avvess to your written application.
  2. Practice your pitch and keep track of time. Funding decisions are most dependent on what you share during your pitch and question period.
    • Supplementary information provided after your pitch may not be considered by the Committee when making funding decisions.
  3. Share your presentation slides to the SIF Committee at least 24 hours before your pitch. Your slides will be set up for you before your pitch.
  4. Recurring initiatives should include evidence of student engagement from past years (for example: survey questions, attendance numbers, pictures, and any other examples of program assessment).
  • How many students will be involved in the planning and excecuting of your initiative? Are they from different years, programs, or faculties?
  • How many students are projected to benefit from your initiative? Are they from different years, programs, or faculties?
  • Have you sought out the best prices for your expenses in your budget (equipment, hotels, food, etc.)?
  • How will this initiative assist in developing a sense of community within Toronto Metropolitan?
  • How will this initiative enhance and contribute to Toronto Metropolitan students’ development beyond their academic requirements?
  • What needs of the Toronto Metropolitan community does this initiative meet?
  • How have you made the Toronto Metropolitan Community aware of the initiative (marketing, communications)?

SIF Pitch Rubric

Below are some of the initiative aspects that will be assessed by the SIF Committee to award funding.

  • Initiative provides exceptional and transformative opportunities for TMU student engagement
  • There is the possibility for a variety of students to engage in the initiative
  • The experience contributes to significant learning opportunities for participants through leadership, relationship building, or skill development
  • This initiative is open to students in more than one faculty
  • Students will be engaged through different mediums. Examples are not limited to social media, pop-ups, live events
  • Students are able to attend the event in different ways, online versus in person
  • The initiative will have an exceptionally positive impact on community engagement 
  • The initiative’s influence impacts more than just the primary organizers & direct participants
  • The initiative will have community engagement with students, community members and other TMU stakeholders
  • The initiative’s impact extends beyond the walls of TMU
  • The initiative displays an exceptional amount of innovation and creativity in order to be impactful and drive change
  • The initiative is likely to inspire future students to think creatively and/or find innovative solutions to problems
  • The initiative solves a problem in a unique but practical way
  • The initiative is unique to TMU and uses services and tools unique to the university
  • The initiative demonstrates comprehensive & intentional actions to be diverse, equitable, and inclusive
  • The initiative will educate participants about the importance of these qualities
  • The initiative serves equity-seeking groups
  • The initiative targets equity-seeking groups that are under-represented
  • The initiative is intentionally aiming to solve at least one equity issue
  • The initiative is accessible to students and community members with varying abilities
  • The initiative helps transform how TMU community members engage with equity-seeking groups
  • The initiative’s organizers have consulted with anti-oppression educators to fine-tune programming
  • The initiative incorporates justice and anti-racism practices in each step of the event planning process
  • The event is free or has financially accessible options for students
  • The initiative will have a significant, positive influence on the reputation of TMU
  • The reputation of TMU will benefit beyond the year the initiative is being held
  • The initiative allows TMU to be leaders in the field the initiative is in

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