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SIF Winter 2024 Dates:

The SIF Application Portal is open for Winter 2024 applications from October 26, 2023 - January 24, 2024 at 11:59PM

Winter 2024 Pitch Weekend will happen February 9-11, 2024.

  Receiving SIF Funds

Once your initiative pitch is approved by the SIF Committee, the approved funds will then be transferred to a SIF-specific initiative cost centre/activity code, which is set up through Toronto Metropolitan Financial Services. 

SIF funding must only be spent on the line items approved by the SIF Committee in your Pitch Presentation.

SIF funding is provided on a reimbursement basis. Your initiative will need to find a means of payment and provide documentation to be reimbursed.

All financial reimbursement documents must be filled out and submitted by your faculty or staff project supervisor. Students cannot fill out financial documents.

  • Discuss with your Project Supervisor their preferred method of processing payment and reimbursements. 
  • The SIF-preferred method is processing through cheque requisition. 
  • Please keep a copy of all documents and your receipts for your records in order to track your reimbursements and budget. 
  • Project Supervisors must confirm that the expenses submitted match the budget line items that SIF agreed to fund.  


  • Students pay from their personal funds and are issued a cheque from Toronto Metropolitan Financial Services, through the Project Supervisor submitting a cheque requisition.
  • Project supervisor pays with their PCard and submits the reimbursement in iExpense by using the initiative’s SIF cost centre for reimbursement.
  • Project supervisor pays through their departmental cost centre and requests
    a transfer from the SIF cost centre for reimbursement. (Note: This method will only be allowed on a case-by-case basis and must be approved by the SIF Chair before the expenses are incurred.)

Toronto Metropolitan Financial Services will provide reimbursements within 4-6 weeks of receiving the submission. 

SIF funds will not be transferred into trust accounts. SIF funds will not be provided in advance of payment being made. 



Please note that SIF funding is given on a reimbursement basis.

Be sure to keep all original receipts and invoices.

All receipts and invoices must be submitted within 30 days of the iniaitive completion date.

We understand that during the event planning process things may change after receiving funding approval. The Student Initiative Fund (SIF) has made it possible for you to change line items in your budget that were previously approved by the SIF Committee. 

 (google doc) Please complete a Funding Change Request form (external link)  to get your budget changed. This must be approved before you spend money on the new line items.

Requests for additional funding of up to $1000 are welcome for any additional accessibility needs for an initiative.

  • Only be used for items related to accessibility such as ASL interpretation, captioning, accessibility ramps etc. 
  • Funds also cannot be changed to cover other line items within your approved SIF budget using the "Change Request Form."

  Your Initiative's Final Report

Each SIF group must submit a final report and final budget within 30 days of the completion of their initiative. The written component of the final report must be minimum two pages in length.

The SIF Initiaitve Completion Package must include:

  1. A final report including a description of the initiative’s main objectives, the accomplishments of the initiative, learning outcomes achieved, any difficulties encountered, and plans for future development

  2. A final budget including a complete list of actual costs/expenditures for the initiative, details of the specific costs SIF funded, and other sources of funding/revenue secured. 
  3. Payment Forms for financial reimbursement, including all receipts and invoices 
  4. Copies of all marketing graphics for the initiative, which feature the SIF logo (external link) 

  5. Photos of the initiative 

  6. Signatures of the Project Supervisor, the Primary Contact, and the Secondary Contact 

Failure to submit a Final Report and Budget may result in your group being ineligible for further SIF funding in future years.

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