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What are Academic Considerations?

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What are Academic Considerations?

Academic considerations can be implemented when students need extra support because of situations outside their control. Please get in touch with Consent Comes First for support at If you have been affected by sexual or gender-based violence, you may be able to receive academic considerations such as:

  • Extensions on due dates
  • Exam rewrites
  • Alternative assignments

Things to remember:

  • The expectation under the SVP is that Faculty and Academic Departments provide reasonable academic considerations to students affected by sexual violence.
  • Ultimately, the decision to grant Academic Considerations and what the specific consideration will be, rests with the course instructor. 
  • Under the Sexual Violence Policy, Consent Comes First can work with students on a case by case basis to determine what your needs are and will advocate with your faculty or department to put those considerations in place. 
  • Considerations are communicated with program coordinators who share them with instructors. 
  • Academic considerations accessed as a result of being affected by sexual violence should be treated in the same manner as considerations based on compassionate or medical grounds. 
  • Academic Considerations are not the same as Academic Accommodations which need to be approved by a Healthcare Professional, such as a Doctor, and are administered through Academic Accommodations Supports.

For Students Seeking  Academic Considerations:

Suppose you have been affected by sexual or gender-based violence. In that case, you may be eligible to receive Academic Considerations for coursework that you have missed or are having trouble completing because of the impacts of sexual and gender-based violence.

To request Academic Considerations under the Sexual Violence Policy, please make an appointment with Consent Comes First to discuss your situation and the support you need. We will work with your department or faculty to see what can be done to help you succeed academically. When communicating with your department or faculty, we will not disclose specifics of your situation, only that you are receiving support from our office. If this is a concern to you, other arrangements can be made.  Appointments can be made by emailing