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Queer Joy is Our Right: TMU 2SLGBTQIA STUDENT Mixer

January 23, 2023
6:00 PM EST - 8:00 PM EST
POD 250
Open To
TMU students
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A winter orientation mixer for 2SLGBTIA students. Join us for a voguing class wiht Matthew 'Snoppy' Cuff, crafting, games and silk screening. Come as you are and leave with lots more friends.

Matthew ‘Snoopy’ Cuff is a multidisciplinary artist from Toronto with the drive to build bridges and break moulds while spreading the reach of Ballroom culture in Canada and abroad. Matthew is a graduate of The School of Toronto Dance Theatre. Once a part of Canada's first official Ballroom house (House of Monroe), Matthew is a trailblazer in the extensive Vogue scene in Canada today. Matthew has inspired his community to set a standard with his expertise and dedication through mentoring, teaching, and competing in Canada's Ballroom Scene. As The resident choreographer for Dance Weekend 2020, Matthew combined his love for Vogue, theatre, and Contemporary dance to create a piece never seen before in conventional spaces. Matthew brought forth Vogue internationally by being featured on “So You Think You Can Dance Canada” while assisting choreographer Sean Cheeseman, reaching even higher heights as the featured Voguer on “CBC Arts: The Move”. Honing his skills in New York City, Matthew learned from and battled some of the greatest Voguers. Impacted by the performance-driven dance style, Matthew has also shared and taught his love for Vogue overseas in Moscow & Paris. With numerous accolades, Matthew continues to create and perform in Toronto's thriving Ballroom Scene. Through the art of movement, Matthew ‘Snoopy’ Cuff hopes to inspire creativity while sharing their passion for dance.

Part of Consent Action Week: it is an opportunity for the TMU community to have thoughtful, affirming, intersectional and age-appropriate conversations about consent. Responding to rejection, articulating boundaries, respecting bodily autonomy and active listening are valuable life skills. This week is a significant opportunity to reflect, champion, and celebrate consent as a cornerstone of all relationships, not just intimate ones. 

Event organized by: Consent Comes First, Housing and Residence Life, Centre for Safer Sex and Sexual Violence Support, and the Centre for Women and Trans People.