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Online Resources

For virtual Science Rendezvous in 2021, we were excited to showcase the activities and learning resources below created by university students, faculty and staff, and our education partners, specially for this national event. Below you'll find a variety of one-of-a-kind games, science experiment tutorials, exploratory videos and podcasts from science innovators, and more! All resources include a suggested age group, but feel free to view all activites.

Lung Imaging Activity

Learn how medical imaging (e.g. CAT scans) can be used to look inside of our bodies to see our lungs, what lung damage/disease looks like in these images, and how we can measure how much disease there is in the lungs.

Suggested age group: All ages

Get Growing! Exploring the Magic of Food with Urban Farm

The activities included on this page introduce you to the world of Urban Farm and are an exploration of how the farm operates. There are also resources to help you grow at home and some fun projects to try over the spring and summer!

Suggested age group: All ages

Venez découvrir la Science et les Institutions de Recherche françaises - Discover France’s Science & Research Institutions

Voyagez en France et venez jouer et découvrir des nouvelles connaissances scientifiques sur l’écologie, l’informatique, les fake news et la chimie.

Travel to France & discover science through playful games and videos on ecology, computer sciences, fake news and chemistry en français!

Suggested age group: All ages

Mathematics Made Simple

Master simple mathematic operations through boardgame style activities, and perfect your knowledge about BEDMAS and shapes.

Suggested age group: 6 and up

The Curiosity Series Podcast: Sustainability in Food

Big problems require bold solutions. Join the SDZ as we take a curious peek at and draw inspiration from some of Canada’s most innovative thinkers to envision a better world. 

Suggested age group: 12 and up

STEM Fellowship Ryerson Student Research Experience

Explore a day in the life of an undergraduate student researcher to see what you future in STEM could look like.

Suggested age group: 12 and up

Water Quality Dashboard

Use the Changing Currents Water Quality Dashboard to explore the natural aquatic habitats in your neighbourhood, and find out if they thriving or pollution impaired. 

Suggested age group: All ages

How Lessons from Spinning Coins Can Improve Healthcare

An introduction to the Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) cycle in healthcare through an interactive spinning coin activity for all ages!

Suggested age group: All ages

Hide Camp 2020
 (opens in new window) 

Watch the Hide Camp 2020 docu-series to meet a remarkable group of hide tanning students and experts, and learn about the Indigenous method of deer hide tanning using brains.

Suggested age group: All ages

Soapbox Science
 (external link, opens in new window) 

Head to our YouTube channel to watch the full episodes of the 2020 virtual Soapbox Science, the speaker series that celebrates the experiences and research of Canadian female-identifying scientists.

Suggested age group: 12 and up

Place the Planets

This activity will help you get a sense for the true scale of the Solar System, by helping you place the planets in your own simple scale model!

Suggested age group: All ages

Decoding DNA

Learn how to extract DNA from fruits with Christine and Michelle in their research lab at the Sunnybrook Hosptial in Toronto!

Suggested age group: All ages

The Missing Pages - Episode 1

The Missing Pages is a video series that aims to bring conversations about race and racism into science classrooms. This episode focuses on how science is communicated and disseminated.

Suggested age group: 12 and up

Parlons Sciences avec Prof. Beauchemin
 (external link, opens in new window) 

Explorez la recherche en virologie et voyez comment les mathématiques et les sciences de la santé se croisent.

Groupe d'âge suggéré: 14 ans et plus

Climate Justice Webinar
 (external link) 

This Earth Month, SciXchange participated in a global effort to bring climate justice to the forefront of education. Our amazing speakers proposed innovative solutions to solve the climate crisis in the next 10 years.

Suggested age group: 15 and up