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2024 Sitemap

A sitemap with elements that illustrates twenty-one booths on Gould Street from the intersection of Victoria Street to Bond Street at the heart of TMU campus.

Booth Details

Visit our Information booth for general information and guidance on various activities available to all participants.

Explore the conditions inside a landfill, where garbage is layered, compacted, and covered to create a dark, oxygen-deprived environment. Discover the degradation timelines of the common materials in these conditions and learn practical strategies to reduce waste production.

Young minds will explore the wonders of science through invisible ink! This engaging activity allows children to write secret messages with a special solution, followed by a scientific reveal process that fosters curiosity and a love of learning.

Presented by Let's Talk Science (external link, opens in new window)  and SciXchange (opens in new window) 

Stoodis Science will deliver the land acknowledgment for TMU's Science Rendezvous event. Explore wampum belts, quahog shells, and beading looms at our booth to learn more about the Dish With One Spoon and the Two Row Wampum belts.

Presented by Stoodis Science (opens in new window)  - our Indigenous Outreach Program at SciXchange (opens in new window) 

Unlock the power of X-ray vision to capture images within the body, focusing on the intricate study of the lungs. Explore different X-ray pictures in which you can see healthy and diseased parts of the lungs. Plus, get hands-on as you construct your own working lung model to cherish and learn from at home!

Presented by Quantitative Image Analysis in Medicine (external link)  by Dr. Miranda Kirby

Experience the magic of balloon arts and crafts at our booth, where we visually demonstrate airflow patterns within healthy and diseased lungs.

Presented by Quantitative Image Analysis in Medicine (external link)  by Dr. Miranda Kirby

Venture on a journey into the enigmatic world of deep learning, where we unlock the secrets of predicting the future! Harnessing the power of deep learning, we utilize images from our Lung Imaging activities to conduct a disease diagnosis with precision and insight.

Presented by Quantitative Image Analysis in Medicine (external link)  by Dr. Miranda Kirby

Immerse yourself in our booth's engaging listening activity, where you'll explore a spectrum of frequencies from low to high. Witness the world of ultrasound imaging as we demonstrate its principles by imaging a rubber duck submerged in water. These interactive demonstrations will enlighten you about how ultrasound serves as a method to visualize our inner body using sound waves.

Presented by the Department of Physics (opens in new window)  at TMU

Visit our booth to discover whirligigs, a versatile toy that has inspired an innovative and cost-effective method for centrifuging blood. Engage in our interactive art-and-craft activity titled "How do X-rays work?" where you will use glue, glitter, paper, and light to simulate the fascinating process of X-rays.

Presented by the Department of Physics at TMU

Learn about the vast scale of the solar system and the intricate dynamics of the Earth-Moon system. Engage in an interactive challenge as we test your knowledge on the distances between planets within our solar system.

Presented by the Department of Physics at TMU

Visit our booth to explore contaminants found in urban water sewers and local freshwater sources. Discover examples such as non-flushable products causing clogs in sewer systems, road salt contamination affecting downstream freshwater bodies, and other relevant projects.

Presented by the Urban Water TMU

Explore demonstrations featuring drone flight at Kerr Hall Quad and imagery, geographic information systems, as well as techniques for water, soil, weather, and other environmental sampling.

Presented by the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies at TMU

Explore the wonders of light firsthand at our booth with a hands-on craft session. Create your own kaleidoscope using reflective paper and beads, delving into the fascinating principles of light and reflections.

Presented by the SPIE and Optics Student Chapter (external link)  at TMU

Come and witness demonstrations aimed at unravelling the mechanics behind perception, attention, and memory in our minds.

Presented by the Department of Psychology at TMU

Visit our booth to explore cutting-edge materials engineered for energy conversion, storage, and conservation.

Presented by the Department of Architectural Science at TMU

Visit our booth and receive take-home kits that include projects dedicated to Indigenous engineering. We provide space for students to assemble the kits on-site, fostering hands-on learning experiences.

Presented by the Engineering Outreach Office at TMU

Discover our upcoming summer camp programs tailored for children and young adults aged 6 to 17. Explore examples of projects and activities that campers will engage in during their enriching camp experience.

Presented by Toronto Met Day Camps at TMU

Witness captivating experiments employing food-grade materials, designed to pique your interest in the vast realm of food science.

Presented by the Food and Soft Materials Research Group (opens in new window)  at TMU

Unleash your creativity with buckets of bubble solution and wands to create gigantic bubbles at our booth. Learn more about surface tension and surfactants and how they interact.

Presented by Visions of Science (external link, opens in new window) 

Experience various Virtual Reality applications and games designed by our computer science students.

Presented by the Department of Computer Science at TMU

Experience a demonstration of HF Amateur Radio while exploring the underlying principles of physics and electronics explained in detail.

Presented by Skywide Amateur Radio Club (external link, opens in new window)