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2024 Event Recap

You can check out this year's event photos in the 2024 gallery (opens in new window)  and our past event photos in the 2023 gallery (opens in new window) .

Science Rendezvous 2024 Team

Leadership Team

Dr. Emily Agard, Director of SciXchange, Toronto Metropolitan University

Mikayla Li, Departmental Assistant, SciXchange, Toronto Metropolitan University

Leigh Paulseth, Enrichment and Outreach Coordinator, SciXchange, Toronto Metropolitan University


Faculty of Science, Toronto Metropolitan University

Science Rendezvous 2024 Highlights

Science Rendezvous 2024 at TMU was held on Saturday, May 11th. It was a vibrant gathering right at the heart of our campus with 21 interactive booths and activities. This year's event was a resounding success, marked by the dedication of 100 volunteers and an impressive turnout of over 1000 participants.

Science Community at TMU

Researchers, staff and students from various departments, organizations and research labs at TMU contributed to the majority of this year’s programming. We featured work in physics, architectural science, computer science, urban water, food & soft matter materials, psychology and much more to deliver engaging and hands-on experiences to our participants of all ages. Attendees explored topics ranging from cutting-edge research to practical applications in everyday life.

Our event offered a diverse range of educational experiences for participants. Physics students designed a lung model that provided valuable insights into lung function, lung imaging and deep learning for disease diagnosis. Participants learned about ultrasound imaging as our staff at the Physics department demonstrated its principles by imaging a rubber duck submerged in water. 

A child colouring the lung outlined on an activity worksheet with a coloured pencil.

At the Lung Function Booth, children learn about how the lung functions while exploring their creativity with a fun colouring activity.

Photo by Clifton Li

A volunteer demonstrating lung function with a presentation board to two participants.

At the Lung Function Booth, our volunteer Meghan demonstrates how the lung functions with a presentation board and some take-home kits.

Photo by Clifton Li

At the SPIE and Optics Student Chapter Booth, children crafted their own kaleidoscope to explore the principles of light and reflection. The Engineering Outreach Booth was popular, with attendees assembling birch bark canoe models and learning traditional Indigenous canoe-making techniques. Other booths covered topics like urban water contaminants, drones in geographic studies and food science applications.

Meanwhile, the Virtual Reality Game Booth, hosted by computer science students, attracted lines of participants eager to experience innovative VR games.

A child assembling the birch bark canoe paper model by tying up some ropes.

At the Engineering Outreach Booth, children assemble the birch bark canoe paper model 

Photo by Clifton Li

Stoodis Science

The Stoodis Science’s Land Acknowledgement Booth aimed to educate visitors about wampum belts, Indigenous treaties, and the science behind wampum belts. This booth sought to transform SciXchange and TMU's approach to land acknowledgments, moving beyond simple signs or scripts to provide meaningful educational experiences and create a lasting impact.


Our volunteer demonstrates the traditional Indigenous loom beading at the Land Acknowledgement booth.

Our volunteer Raania demonstrates the traditional Indigenous loom beading at the Land Acknowledgement Booth. 

Photo by Clifton Li

Let’s Talk Science

At the Let’s Talk Science Booth, children explored the degradation timelines of the common waste in a landfill and learned practical strategies for reducing waste. They also participated in an invisible ink activity, writing secret messages with a special solution and revealing them through a scientific process.

Two volunteers at the Let's Talk Science booth with a family of three.

Particiapnts engage in the invisible ink activity at the Let's Talk Science Booth.

Photo by Clifton Li


A child pointing at a photo of a stack of newspapers while guessing its degradation timeline in the landfill at the Let's Talk Science booth.

At the Let's Talk Science Booth, participant learns how long it takes common waste like newspapers to degrade in the landfill.

Photo by Clifton Li


Visions of Science and Skywide Amateur Radio Club

Another highlight was the Visions of Science’s Bubble Laboratory Booth, where kids delved into the science of bubbles, learning about surface tension and surfactant interactions. At the Skywide Amateur Radio Club Booth, attendees discovered the principles of physics and electronics behind making radio contact.


Our volunteer from Skywide Amateur Radio Club engages with participants at the booth.

Our volunteer Ian from Skywide Amateur Radio Club engages with the participants at the booth.

Photo by Clifton Li

Science Rendezvous 2024 Activities

A digitally illustrated sitemap of Science Rendezvous 2024 which showcases the location of twenty-one booths located on Gould Street at TMU.

Our sitemap for Science Rendezvous 2024 showcases the location of all the booths at our event this year.

Designed by Mikayla Li

Participants visited our Information booth for general information and guidance on various activities available to all participants.

One of our activities included exploring the conditions inside a landfill, where garbage is layered, compacted, and covered to create a dark, oxygen-deprived environment. Attendees discovered the degradation timelines of the common materials in these conditions and learned practical strategies to reduce waste production.

Participants also explored the wonders of science through invisible ink! This engaging activity allowed children to write secret messages with a special solution, followed by a scientific reveal process that fosters curiosity and a love of learning.

Stoodis Science delivered the land acknowledgment for TMU's Science Rendezvous event. Participants explored wampum belts, quahog shells, and beading looms at the booth to learn more about the Dish With One Spoon and the Two Row Wampum belts.

  • Presented by Stoodis Science - our Indigenous Outreach Program at SciXchange TMU
  • Volunteers included Caleb Wesley and Raania Chowdhury

Unlock the power of X-ray vision to capture images within the body, focusing on the intricate study of the lungs. Participants explored different X-ray pictures in which they could see healthy and diseased parts of the lungs. 

Children experienced the magic of balloon arts and crafts at our booth, where we visually demonstrated airflow patterns within healthy and diseased lungs.

Participants also ventured on a journey into the enigmatic world of deep learning, where we unlocked the secrets of predicting the future! We utilized images from our Lung Imaging activities to conduct a disease diagnosis with precision and insight.


Attendees immersed themselves in our booth's engaging listening activity, where they explored a spectrum of frequencies from low to high. They witnessed the world of ultrasound imaging as we demonstrated its principles by imaging a rubber duck submerged in water. These interactive demonstrations enlightened participants about how ultrasound serves as a method to visualize our inner body using sound waves.

Attendees visited our booth to discover whirligigs, a versatile toy that has inspired an innovative and cost-effective method for centrifuging blood. Kids engaged in our interactive art-and-craft activity titled "How do X-rays work?" where they used glue, glitter, paper, and light to simulate the fascinating process of X-rays.

  • Presented by  the Department of Physics at TMU
  • Volunteers included Graham Ferrier, Xavier Bauza, Chee Ching Leeanne Leung, Kaitlyn Sims, Allona Kaye Lim, Jamie Tien, Melissa Burke, Ayushi Ahir, Zara Shahid, Maimoonah Rana, Mason Rock, Junyeong Kim, Manuel Alejandro Coba Cabrera and Revin Toquero


Participants learned about the vast scale of the solar system and the intricate dynamics of the Earth-Moon system. They engaged in an interactive challenge as we tested their knowledge of the distances between planets within our solar system.

Visitors explored contaminants found in urban water sewers and local freshwater sources. They discovered examples such as non-flushable products causing clogs in sewer systems, road salt contamination affecting downstream freshwater bodies, and other relevant projects.

  • Presented by the Urban Water TMU
  • Volunteers included Manh Huy Nguyen, Eric Fries, Brieanna Limkilde and Ericka De Oliveira

Attendees learned about imagery, geographic information systems, as well as techniques for water, soil, weather, and other environmental sampling.

Participants explored the wonders of light firsthand at our booth with a hands-on craft session. They created their kaleidoscope using reflective paper and beads, delving into the fascinating principles of light and reflections.

Visitors saw demonstrations aimed at unravelling the mechanics behind perception, attention, and memory in our minds.

  • Presented by the Department of Psychology at TMU
  • Volunteers included Dr. Frank Russo, Jennifer Preman, Rayna Adachi-Amitay, Katya Tikhostoup, Max Marshall, Michael Zara, Carmen Dang, Kathryn Bolton, Litzia Mirra, Alec Benavides, Kieryn Carlse, Rhiannon Ueberholz, Yusuf Ghauri, Megan Vaziri


Participants explored cutting-edge materials engineered for energy conversion, storage, and conservation.

Visitors assembled the birch bark canoe model and learned about traditional Indigenous engineering. We provided space for kids to assemble the kits on-site, fostering hands-on learning experiences.
  • Presented by the Engineering Outreach Office at TMU
  • Volunteers included Nirav Patel, Alacea Yerxa, Eliza Nwaesei and Negin Abdollahi

Attendees discovered our upcoming summer camp programs tailored for children and young adults aged 6 to 17. They explored examples of projects and activities that campers will engage in during their enriching camp experiences.

Visitors engaged in captivating experiments employing food-grade materials, designed to pique your interest in the vast realm of food science.

Children created gigantic bubbles at our booth. They learned about surface tension and surfactants and how they interact.

Attendees experienced various Virtual Reality applications and games designed by our computer science students.

Participants experienced a demonstration of HF Amateur Radio while exploring the underlying principles of physics and electronics explained in detail.

Volunteer Appreciation

A heartfelt appreciation goes out to all our dedicated volunteers whose invaluable contributions made Science Rendezvous 2024 at TMU an absolute triumph. With over 100 enthusiastic individuals from various departments, associations within TMU, and local organizations, they were the driving force behind the captivating demonstrations and activities that brought Science Rendezvous to life.

Volunteers included: 

  • Kavya Puvanapaskaran
  • Bianca Lino Wozniak
  • Mekdis Reed
  • Angela Xiao
  • Ishmam Rashid 
  • Diana Mae Tagomata
  • Amasha Malawiya Arachchige
  • Jocelyn Saborio

Volunteers included: 

  • Sabina Cimpeanu
  • Rachel Mpofu

Volunteers included:

  • Thwarakaa Thayakaran
  • Zayneb Al-Hantoshi
  • Juan Pires
  • Lavanya Chhilwar
  • Kashish Sharma
  • Jann Cristobal
  • Melanie Kentshitswe 
  • Fiza Malik
  • Nushra Fazeel
Group of about 50 people, wearing red t-shirts, posing for fun, with white event tents in the background

Our volunteers make Science Rendezvous 2024 a great success. Our volunteer team consists of numerous undergraduate students, graduate students and faculty members from different departments at TMU.

Photo by Clifton Li


Feedback from our participants

“The presenters were really enthusiastic and my daughter really enjoyed all the activities.”

“Keep it up! It was super fun for our two 12 year old boys”

“I loved the variety of booths. There were some special ones for sure! The VR was a hit!”

“We had an amazing time! Both kids ages 5 and 10 loved it!”

Science Rendezvous 2024 By The Numbers

We engaged with 1000+ adults and children in one day.

Over 100+ volunteers worked together to make Science Rendezvous 2024 possible.

We had 21 booths and activities on-site.


Our Sponsors and Supporters

  • Toronto Metropolitan University
  • Faculty of Science, TMU
  • Faculty of Engineering & Architectural Science, TMU
  • Faculty of Arts, TMU
  • Facilities Management and Development, TMU
  • Event & Space Reservations, TMU
  • Toronto Met Day Camps, TMU
  • Engineering Outreach, TMU
  • Urban Water, TMU
  • Food & Soft Matter Materials Research Lab, TMU
  • SPIE and Optics Student Chapter, TMU
  • Visions of Science
  • Skywide Amateur Radio Club
  • Science Rendezvous
The logos of SciXchange major supporters for Science Rendezvous 2024 including Visions of Science, Skywide Amateur Radio Club, Science Rendezvous and more.

Science Rendezvous 2025

Here at SciXchange, we thrive on bringing science to life, making it not just understandable, but thrilling for everyone. Mark your calendars for May 10, 2025, as we unveil an all-new array of mesmerizing activities and demonstrations. You won't want to miss out on this exhilarating event!

Join us on May 10, 2025 with a new line-up of captivating activities and demonstrations.