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Major Research Paper/Project

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Nutrition Communication (MHSc)

The Major Research Paper/Project (MRP) provides an opportunity for you to:

  • Develop subject matter expertise.
  • Demonstrate your ability to synthesize evidence and formulate original ideas.
  • Use a rigorous process to create a project that may shape policy, practice, and teaching.
  • Pursue your interests – whether that’s a specific topic, communication medium, or project.
  • Create the central piece in your professional communication portfolio.

Completion of a comprehensive and balanced structured literature review, use of a critical and evidence-based approach in the analysis of findings, and development of rationale-based recommendations/outcomes are essential elements of a high quality MRP.

  • Exploring university athletic departments’ sports nutrition education programs, partnerships and policies: An environmental scan

  • The role of dietary protein at breakfast on satiety, food intake and glycemic response in children 9-14 years old

  • Person centred approach to diabetes management

  • “It’s just common sense”: A theoretical model of women’s nutrition information behaviour activities

  • Updating dietary intervention recommendations from the Canadian clinical guidelines on the management and treatment of obesity

  • A comparative analysis of packaged products with sodium reduction claims

  • Antioxidant messages on food products in Canadian grocery stores: A content analysis

  • What online communication strategies are communities of practice using to facilitate knowledge exchange or translation?

  • Food system renewal in Toronto: A qualitative inquiry and critical analysis of the public consultation and engagement process

  • Best practices of written and oral knowledge translation for low health literary populations

  • Broken telephone II: Website quality assessment tool development and testing

  • The evolution of FoodShare: An exploratory investigation of Canada's largest community food security organization