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French Language Courses

French courses are offered in the target language as well as cultural courses in English.

Prior to registering for their first French language course, students must take a placement test.  

Tests are typically evaluated within two business days. At peak times of year (enrollment and course intentions), results will take longer than usual - please take the test well in advance of your enrollment period. If you do not have a result after five business days, please contact Dr. Mirella Witek.

Undergraduate Students: Test scores are posted in MyServiceHub > My Academics > Test Scores Summary.

Chang School Students: If you are enrolling in your first Chang School course (and you are NOT also an Undergraduate student) you will receive an email with your score.  Please be sure to Create a Student Profile and obtain a student ID number before taking the placement test.

If you are a returning Chang School student your score will be posted in MyServiceHub > My Academics > Test Scores Summary.

After confirming their score, all students may self-enroll using the Placement Test Score Guide.

Step 2: Check your score


Step 3: Check course calendar

Step 4: Review course pathway

French Studies Courses
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Did you know that you can take French Studies courses offered in English? You don't need to register for a placement test for these courses.