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Chinese Language Courses

Chinese courses are offered in the target language as well as cultural courses in English.

Prior to registering for your first Chinese course, please be sure to take the appropriate online placement test. Results will be emailed back to you within 2 business days. During peak enrolment periods, results may take longer than usual. It is recommended that students take a placement test at least a week before their enrolment date. If you have not received your results after this time period, please contact Dr. John Stowe (opens in new window) .

Please print the email you receive with your test results and present it to your instructor on the first day of class; you may be unable to attend class if you do not have your test results and you may be asked to leave the class until you have been appropriately placed.


Step 1: Take the placement test

Step 2: Check your score


Step 3: Check course calendar

Step 4: Review course pathway

Chinese Studies Courses
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Did you know that you can take Chinese Studies courses offered in English? You don't need to register for a placement test for these courses.