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For Students

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Peer tutoring is available to students enrolled in language courses at TMU.

Please note:

  • Students must use their TMU email for all bookings and communications.
  • Students cannot book more than one session per day and in most cases, are limited to one session per week.
  • Tutors are available to help you practice the language for courses you're currently enrolled in. Please contact your instructor directly for course questions.
Language Tutoring Information
American Sign Language for ASL and CASL courses

ASL Tutoring with Sarah will be available February 8 to April 12, 2024.

Book a session (external link)  online using your TMU login or email from your TMU email with questions about tutoring sessions. Students are limited to one session per day. See your ASL/CASL course D2L for details. 

Arabic for ARB and CARB courses

Arabic Tutoring with Dana is available beginning January 31, 2024. Dana provides in-person tutoring on Wednesdays & Thursdays and online tutoring on Fridays.

Book a session (external link, opens in new window)  online and email with questions about tutoring sessions.

Chinese - Mandarin for CHN and CCHN courses 

Chinese Tutoring with Lily will be available 12-1pm Monday, Thursday, and Friday in February & March 2024.

Book a session online (external link)  using your TMU login or email from your TMU email with questions.

French Tutoring for FRE and CFRE courses French Tutoring with Rasha is available from late January to early April 2024. Book a tutoring session (external link)  online and email with questions about tutoring sessions.
Spanish Tutoring for SPN and CSPN courses

Spanish Tutoring with Adriana will be available in February and March 2024. Book a session (external link)  using your TMU email address. Email with questions about Spanish tutoring sessions.

Hosted by department instructors, all are welcome to join our French Conversation Table and Spanish Conversation Table. Open to students, alumni, staff, and faculty.

French Conversation Table

If you are looking for an opportunity to practice your French, and improve your listening and speaking abilities, join us on this informal conversation series. This is a free event, and all levels are welcome. 

  • Dates, Times & Location:
    • Monday, February 12, 2pm to 3pm in POD 247J     
    • Monday, February 26, 2pm to 3pm in JOR 502
    • Monday, March 4, 2pm to 3pm in POD247J
    • Monday, March 25, 2pm to 3pm in POD247J
  • Contact for Questions: Dr. Ndeye Ba or Dr. Evgenia Timoshenkova

Spanish Conversation Table

¿Quieres practicar español? Join our Spanish Conversation Table!

A great opportunity to meet new people, learn about culture and practice the language in a nonjudgmental, informal and friendly environment! Snacks will be available.

  • Location: POD 247J (except March 19th)
  • Dates & Times: 
    • Friday, February 2 - 11am to 12 noon
    • Monday, February 26 - 2pm to 3pm
  • Contact for Questions: Dr. Dorismel Diaz

Ranjit Singh Dulai Scholarship

This scholarship recognizes the second-year Language and Intercultural Relations student with the highest CGPA. Funded by a generous donation from Mr. & Mrs. Ranjit Singh Dulai.

French Award Prize

Awarded to a LIR student in the French stream with the highest grade in FRE 501.

Spanish Award Prize

Awarded to a LIR student in the Spanish stream with the highest grade in SPN 501.

Dean's List

Each year, those with high academic standings are recognized with a place on the Dean's List. Visit the Faculty of Arts website for a list of award winners from Language and Intercultural Relations.

Students and faculty at the LIR Awards Ceremony