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Almost anything! By developing strong critical thinking, communication, and cultural awareness skills, you will open the door to many careers. For example:

  • Work in business, creative industries, government (including foreign affairs or the military), international agencies, or non-governmental and non-profit organizations (such as charities, think tanks, and advocacy groups). 
  • Pursue a history career in museums, galleries, heritage sites, government cultural ministries, or cultural resource management companies.
  • Enroll in a professional program, such as Museum and Heritage Studies, Education, Law, Library and Information Management, Business, Public Administration, or Journalism. 
  • Enroll in a graduate degree, such as a MA in History or a related field, either as a terminal degree or as preparation for entry into a PhD or other doctoral program. 
  • Full-time, four-year Honours BA in History
  • Full-time, four-year Double Major in History combined with one of Criminology, English, Philosophy, Politics and Governance, or Sociology (to which students may apply at the end of their first year of studies)
  • Full-time, five-year Co-op BA in History, including paid full-time work placements to which students may apply at the end of their first year of studies)
  • Full-time, four-year History Option within the Arts & Contemporary Studies BA
  • Six-Credit Minor in History as part of another degree
  • (Students also may take History courses as part of other degrees and minor programs, as electives or to fulfill liberal studies requirements) 
  • Our career-focused approach means you can gain work experience while you complete your degree. Beyond regular course credits, History BA students may obtain credits for work placements, internships, and professional opportunities.
  • Our Co-op BA (to which you may apply at the end of your first year) provides even greater opportunities to develop career skills and make connections through paid work placements.
  • Our degrees feature optional Heritage Management Courses where people may develop skills and explore opportunites for careers in museums, historic sites, galleries, archives, and governmental and other organizations concerned with cultural matters.
  • Our Historian's Craft (H-Craft) courses put particular emphasis on skills development while broadening students' appreciation of how broad the field of History is through exploring exploring archaeology, material culture, oral history, and other areas beyond core, archivally-based studies of the subject.
  • Our Department of History thrives on the energy of its location at the very heart of Canada's largest, most dynamic, and most diverse city. Many of our courses - delivered by award-winning professors - connect the classroom to the city as part of their core teaching methods. 

Students are admitted on the basis of academic achievement (grades) only. Additional non-academic requirements are not required for admission consideration. A minimum grade of 70% or higher is required in Grade 12 U English/Anglais (ENG4U/EAE4U preferred).

All admissions to the History BA program are administered by Ryerson’s Admissions and Recruitment Office. 

Current fees and financial information have been posted on the Office of the Registrar website.

For information on transferring to Ryerson, please talk to our Undergraduate Program Administrator.