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Prospective Students

Learn about the past and influence the future

We are surrounded by history – in our customs, cultures, and identities, as well as our national boundaries, laws, and institutions. Historians research, analyze, and interpret the past, explore its significance in the contemporary world, and assess its implications for the future. Through the career-ready skills history teaches, you will be equipped to choose a career in business, government, the non-profit sector, creative industries, heritage and museums, and other realms. Alternatively, you may enroll in a professional program in law, teaching, information management, museum studies, or another field. As well, you may pursue historical studies more deeply after graduation in a master’s program in History.

Ways to study History at TMU

  • Honours BA in History
  • Double Major BA in History with another subject in the Faculty of Arts (Criminology, English, Philosophy, Politics and Governance, or Sociology)*
  • History Co-op BA that includes full-time, paid work placements*
  • History Option within the Arts and Contemporary Studies BA
  • Another Arts and Contemporary Studies BA that incorporates History courses
  • History Minor
  • History courses included in a different Minor (such as Curatorial Studies administered by the School of Image Arts)
  • History courses as electives within another BA
  • History courses to Liberal Studies requirements in another BA

* To enter these programs, you would apply at the end of your first year of studies from History or another Arts program.

You also may enroll in a History BA but apply to transfer to another Faculty of Arts degree program at the end of your first year. Likewise, you may transfer into History from a different Arts degree program as you finish your first year at TMU.

In addition to daytime fall and winter courses, you may study History in the evenings and online during these terms and in the spring and summer through the Chang School of Continuing Studies.

Students may spend one term at a foreign university or another Canadian institution to broaden their post-secondary experiences and explore the wider world.


High school counsellors

We would be pleased to talk to your students about studying History at TMU. Please contact us to plan a visit or to arrange a tour or lecture that matches your needs.

How to apply

All admissions to the History BA program are administered by TMU's Admissions and Recruitment Office. Students are admitted on the basis of academic achievement (grades) only. Additional non-academic requirements are not required for admission consideration.