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TMU campus
Welcome to the Department of History

TMU’s Department of History lies at the centre of Canada’s largest and most dynamic city. Our professors are award-winning teachers and researchers who encourage students to ask tough questions, probe beyond simple answers, and become agile and original thinkers.

As a student in either our career-focused History Honours BA or one of our related programs, you may explore the diversity and complexity of the human experience through the centuries. During your studies, you will develop research, analytical, and communications skills to prepare you for career success and citizenship in a complex world. You may earn History credits for work placements and take specialized courses, such as in Museum and Heritage Management.

In addition to our Honours BA in History, we offer Double Major BAs with other departments, a Co-op BA, a History Minor, and options to take one or more of our courses in other degree programs, either as electives or to help fulfill your Liberal Studies requirements. You also may take History courses within various options in Arts and Contemporary Studies BAs and within minors presented by other departments that incorporate our courses in their programs.

With a BA in History, you not only will understand the past and its meaning for the present, but will be prepared to shape the future – both your own and that of the world around you.