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Graduate Leadership Institute

GLI advising appointments available online

Graduate students can still make a leadership advising appointment at this time. Complete the  (google form) contact form (external link)  and a virtual appointment will be set up.

An exciting learning opportunity for graduate students looking to transform from scholars into influencers. Dr. Wilson Leung is the director of the new Graduate Leadership Institute (GLI), which aims to empower graduate students with leadership capacity in order to impact our city, country and world with their influence.

Postdoctoral Fellows at Toronto Metropolitan University are also encouraged to actively participate in the resources offered through the Graduate Leadership Institute.

How will graduate students benefit from participating with the GLI? GLI offers tremendous value to graduate students, making them:

  • Equipped with leadership tools, resources and knowledge so that their research impact will extend beyond their academic degree.
  • Career-ready for job opportunities in organizations, industries and markets as they acquire transferable leadership skills needed for future effectiveness.
  • Connected through broader networks, both internal and external to Toronto Metropolitan, for their future careers.
  • Supported by fellow graduate students who are going through similar leadership challenges and development.
  • Empowered with greater life purpose and higher-quality decisions, having processed their personal vision and values.
  • Confident and assertive having had opportunities to apply leadership learning in a safe and inclusive environment.
Make a leadership advising appointment

Advising sessions are offered to support graduate students in their leadership development.

Experiential leadership

Get involved in experiential leadership opportunities such as mentoring and changemaking programs.

Leadership workshops

Interactive sessions explore strategies and frameworks for effective leadership.

Leadership Matters video series

Learn about the various aspects of leadership in this online video series (external link) .

Upcoming workshops

If you have any questions, comments or ideas about the GLI, please contact:

Dr. Wilson Leung
Director, Graduate Leadership Institute