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Earn a Future Smart Unit

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The Future Smart program is an extensive program of professional skill development for graduate students, free of charge.

The Future Smart program is designed to equip graduate students with the skills needed to transition into successful careers, whether it be in academia, research or non-academic areas. Future Smart is a free, value-added program to complement your graduate degree. 

The Graduate Leadership Institute is recognized and aligned with the Future Smart program under the “Leadership and Social Innovation” category. The leadership component explores themes such as shared vision, emotional intelligence, managing change, handling conflict, negotiation, leadership styles, resilience, strengths, motivation, personal values, life purpose, leading self, and more, with the aim to help students transform from scholars to influencers.

Upon successful program completion, you will receive a Yeates School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Future Smart recognition-of-completion document and a notation on your transcript. Refer to the Future Smart webpage for more information.

To earn one unit for the “Leadership and Social Innovation” category, please complete one of the following:

  • Participate in a GLI workshop by viewing upcoming sessions. Bring your Future Smart passport to be signed by the director or the YSGPS student engagement officer.
  • Participate in two, 45-minute GLI advising sessions (see Graduate Leadership Advising above for more details) by completing this  (google form) contact form (external link)  to schedule an appointment. If you are interested in earning a unit for your advising sessions, notify the director who will email a confirmation of completion for your Future Smart file.
  • View three GLI videos. All videos can be found on the Leadership Matters Video Series page for a variety of leadership themes) and complete the following  (google form) action plan (external link)  for each video. You will receive an email confirmation of your completion for your Future Smart file.
  • Completion of the Tri-Mentoring Program and Graduate Leadership Institute graduate mentorship program.

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