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How to Use Appointment Slots in Google Calendar

1. Log into my.ryerson (your TMU Portal) and go to the Apps tab. 

Note: Appointment slots do not work on your private Google Calendar, they only work on the TMU Google Workspace version.

2. Click on Calendar from the Google Workspace menu.

3. Navigate to the week when you want to start your office hour.

4. Click and drag to create a regular appointment spanning the total length of that particular office hour session. An input box appears as shown in the Figure 1. Note that in this example we’re setting up a block of office hours lasting three hours.

5. Click on “Appointment slots” in the input box and you will see a screen shown in Figure 3.



image of calendar event with appointment slots

Note: If this is your first time accessing the appointment slots, you will first get a screen explaining what are appointment slots.

6. Click on 'Get started with appointment slots' to go to 'Appointment slots'.

Appointment Slots

7. Add a title, e.g. “Office Hours” as shown in Figure 3. 

image of calendar event with appointment slots

8. Click on “More Options”. You will get an edit page for the appointment slots.

details view of appointment slots

9. Click "Does not repeat" to reveal a drop down menu with options to set the recurrence of the block. Click "Custom" to set up a custom recurrence of the appointment block.  In this case we have set it to repeat every Tuesday and Thursday until August 1st.

Custom recurrence options for appointment slots

10. Clicking Done will take you to the "Edit details" screen.

11. Add your office room number in the “Location” field.

Note: Please take a note of the "This calendar's appointment page" text on the screen. You will need this later. Click on the link to open the “Calendar’s appointment page”.

12. Save your changes. You will then be returned to your calendar. You will see block appointments set up over the range you specified, repeated as you specified.

personal calendar view of appointment slots

13. Use the “Calendar’s appointment page” link, mentioned in Step 11 above, to embed into your web page or an email so your students can see and visit your calendar.

14. When a student accesses the shared link, they will see something. Twelve different slots are represented here.

public calendar view of appointment slots

15. A student would select one and fill in their personal details. They will see 'Book an appointment' screen.

options to booking an appointment slot

16. After saving the appointment details, the student will see a confirmation screen.

Book An Appointment

17. When a student books an appointment slot, you will receive an email message showing you the request and giving you the choice to accept or decline the appointment.  If you accept it, the appointment will show up in both your google calendar and that of the student.

(This page is based on Prof. Fil Salustri's own document on the same topic.)