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Closed Captions in Google Slides

How to enable closed captions in Google Slides

How to present slides with captions

  1. Click the present button to start presenting your slides
  2. Hover near the button left corner of the screen to show the navigation bar. Click on CC to start captioning. 
  3. As you speak into the microphone, captions appear at the bottom of the screen.

Google provides instructions on how to use closed caption in Google Slides. (external link) 

Tips for Using Closed Captions in Google Slides

  • You must be connected to a working internet connection.
  • Only available in U.S. English and using Chrome on a computer.
  • Reduce background noise for best results.
  • Check your microphone in system preferences and that the microphone is not being used by another application.
  • Captions are powered by machine learning, the speaker's accent, voice modulation and intonation may affect transcript quality.
  • Captions and your microphone automatically turn off if there's no activity on your computer for 30 minutes.
  • Captions are not saved, you cannot download or review captions.
  • Although the accuracy and efficiency of the technology is always improving, it does not offer 100% accuracy. Therefore, it is not recommended to use this feature as a substitute for remote (live) captioning or ASL interpreting.