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Which third party apps have access to your TMU Google account?

Third party apps are websites, standalone applications, operating systems, web browser plugins or mobile apps not created by Google. Some of these third-party apps use “Oauth authentication”, meaning they allow you to sign up with your TMU credentials. However, doing so creates a security risk for your private information since “Oauth” lets the app access your data on TMU Gmail, Drive, Calendar or Contacts. Apps that use “Oauth” and are published are vetted by Google in a multi-step review process (external link) . In addition, TMU compiled a list of allowed third party apps that include 500 of the most commonly used apps. Note that while these apps are currently allowed, they are not recommended by TMU as no privacy or security assessments have been done on them. These third party apps should not be used to hold university records without a prior privacy and security assessment.

Before any third party app is able to access your TMU Google account information, Google displays a permission screen that states what is being accessed and how that information can be used. You must click Allow for the third party app to access the information listed in the permission screen.

Permissions screens that show what information the app will access and how the information can be used.

Check what access you have granted to third party apps

In the apps grid, click on Account or go to the Google Account site (external link) .

Apps grid

On the Accounts page from the left side panel, click on Security.

Scroll down to the section Google apps with account access and click on Manage access.

On the Accounts page, click on Apps with account access.

On the Apps with account access page, you will see three different lists:

1. Third party apps with account access

These apps and sites are created by third party developers and have been granted access to some of your TMU Google account information.

2. Services/apps that use your Google account for signing in

These apps and sites are created by third party developers, have been granted access to your basic profile info and may have been granted other access to your TMU Google account. They allow you to use your TMU Google account to sign into their services.

3. Google apps

These are trusted apps created by Google that you have installed on your devices.


Lists available in apps with access page

Clicking on the name of the app will expand to show:

1. The homepage of the app

2. The name of the app or where it was given access (the name should be similar to the homepage)

3. What the app has been granted access to

4. When the app was given access

You can remove access to third party apps using the Remove Access button, this should be used if you are no longer using the app.


Third party app with account access description